All Laws Should Be Adopted Based On State Interests – Fridon injia

The chairman of the political group “European Socialists” of the Parliament of Georgia, Fridon Injia, focused on the legal committee session of the Parliament by relating to the legal proposals initiated by “People’s Power” and talked about its main essence.

“Colleagues, I am once again convinced that the first draft introduced in the parliament is a semi-law, and I want to explain why I think that the first draft is a semi-law.

First of all, I would like to draw attention to transparency. Why do we want transparency?

We learned that the non-governmental sector is financed by Europe, Asia or the United States of America.

According to the first draft, attention is focused on the transparency of the organization’s activities, but where are the state interests here?!

Transparency is understandable, but it must lead to some result, the interests of the state must be taken into account, or the issue of prevention of harmful actions of the state must be determined.

That is why this draft law is a semi-law and it needs to be continued.

A non-governmental organization is created, which calls for the resignation of the government. Create a technical government. There are a number of issues here.

Non-governmental organizations have created political structures, like political parties.

All laws should be adopted based on state interests.

Regarding the term – agent, Fridon Injia noted that this term is established in the world and among them, in Georgia and in various structures, and the deputy does not see anything wrong with it.

Moreover, the chairman of the political group thinks that they may be proud of such a status even more, while those who perceive the term – agent in a negative context, their activity is the heavy form of agency that they fear.

According to the deputy, based on the political events of the last few days, many “interesting” things have been revealed and attention should be paid to this.

At the meeting of the legal issues committee of the Parliament, two different draft laws initiated by “People’s Power” were discussed in the first reading.

Namely: “On Registration of Foreign Agents” and “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia” in the first reading and the draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence”, also in the first reading.

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