All laws, which are necessary for the stability of the country, are declared as Russian laws by trained deputies – Fridon Injia

👉 All laws, which are necessary for the stability of the country, are declared as Russian laws by trained deputies – Fridon Injia
📍 How safe are Georgian police officers at demonstrations, who often become the targets of incredible insults.
📍 All draft laws, which are necessary for the stability of the country, are declared by the radical opposition to be Russian laws.
📍 Some of the members of the parliament have already undergone relevant trainings, so when the draft of amendments to the law “On assemblies and demonstrations” was submitted to the parliament, it was immediately given the status of a Russian law.
🔷 Chairman of the political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia announced this during the first reading of the draft amendments to the law “On Assemblies and Manifestations” at the plenary session of the Parliament.
🔷 “When it comes to demonstrations, one of the most important issues is police protection. How safe is the police today? The abuse that the Georgian policeman endures during the demonstrations is unbelievable. At this time, this policeman has a family, children, parents… he is also a person like a participant of the rally. If a protester needs protection, a policeman also needs protection. The difference between them is that a person goes to the rally of his own free will, to express his own vision, while a policeman goes to work, where he has the greatest responsibility,” MP Injia said.
🔷 According to him, it may be necessary in Georgia to adopt the law “about the police” valid in the USA.
🔷 “Isn’t it time to pass the law of the United States of America “about the police”. I emphasize – the law in force in the USA, because if we introduce a law “about the police” here, which is analogous to the law in force in any European country, or in Turkey or China, that law will be Russian, and everything Russian is, of course, unacceptable for our country. We have seen many times how the police act in the United States of America,” said Fridon Injia.
🔷 He also drew attention to the issue of doubling salaries for police officers.
🔷 “It was said here that many policemen are leaving their jobs. I think that if there is a suitable means, the salaries of the police officers should be doubled. This is one of the important issues”, said the deputy.
🔷 Fridon Injia also emphasized that representatives of the radical opposition link all laws that are considered and adopted by the Parliament of Georgia to the acceptance or rejection of candidate status, and all laws that are necessary for the stability of the country are declared to be Russian laws.
🔷 “Zombification of the population is being done by all means in order to establish chaos and destabilization in the country. Who is interested in giving the status of a candidate who gives nothing to the population today? We are not talking about EU membership, which is planned in the distant future. All this is done in order to reduce the achievements of the economy, which is today in Georgia, to zero and to throw into nothing the funding that the government does for students, growers, to support wheat producers, to increase pensions, to increase the salaries of public sector employees, to provide 95% of the population with medical services, in facilities of strategic importance. to increase the state’s share.
🔷 I would ask one question – if we were accepted into the European Union tomorrow, what would our economic growth rates be – 7% or 10%, or, as is assumed in Germany today – the gross domestic product would go into negative territory by at least 0.5%?”, he noted. MP Injia.
🔷 “I have to tell you that the politicization of accepting or not accepting the status of a candidate, as well as the 12 points that were given to us as homework, are aimed at changing the government in Georgia and bringing in such a government as they have in some countries. I will not name the countries… We have seen over the years how the funding from the EU and the USA goes to overthrow the government, as it happened in Georgia in 2003. There are many countries in the world where similar changes have also been made. All this is happening in the name of democracy or people. As for the fact that the draft amendments to the Law on “Assemblies and Manifestations” are Russian, this is exactly what they taught at the trainings held recently in Georgia. In particular, all the laws that the country needs for stability, or the adoption of which is necessary depending on the situation, should be declared as Russian law.”
🔷 “Part of the members of our parliament have already undergone these trainings, so when this draft law was presented here, it was immediately given the status of a Russian law,” Fridon Injia said, adding that due to the state’s interests, another important law “on defamation” is acceptable, which It is necessary for the protection of human rights

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