“As a Georgian, I will stand and stand where my ancestors stand for the interests of our country” – Fridon Injia

“As a Georgian, I will stand and stand where my ancestors stand for the interests of our country” – Fridon Injia
დ Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group “European Socialists” in the political debate at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia.

When you change your consciousness, you change your thinking, you lose your identity and if I do it, I feel that it serves the disintegration and disappearance of my country, then I, as a Georgian, in this not so short period of my life, will stand and stand where they stood. My forefathers, in the interests of our country, even the Mavans were 33 times right.

An example of this was King Erekle, whose blood irrigated the land and water of Georgia. If not, his righteousness, his courage, his strength, his devotion to the country, and the mercy of God. How he healed the 60 wounds inflicted on the grave by the 80-year-old monarch.

Read the historical material that George, the son of my friend Boris Kalandia, found out about what foreigners wrote about King Erekle at that time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Giorgi Kalandia for his great creative work, what he does for Georgia, what he does for his country.

Now a few words about the traitors of the country. Who are the bloggers, most of the non-governmental organizations, where do the Berdzenishvilis come from?

These are the people who, for years, have been funded with tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Who is behind this funding? These are the countries that some of the elite have been creating for decades and have not been able to fully create, but have a strong desire to create world power.

They are trying their best to increase the population of the world, leaving only a separate elite. At the same time, to overrun, that is, to genetically engineer, a group of servile, robotic human slaves, leaving the world’s population of 7 billion 920 million to 1 billion. It is in the creation and implementation of this that they are hindered by national states, religions, and here the orthodox are considered primarily.

By these treacherous acts they want to destroy the nation states. To do this, they use everything, be it cowards, monkey lentils, wars, food crises or many other disasters that are still on the way.

I must tell you that traitors are different from each other, but still fall into two categories. The first category is the category that serves globalists and pseudo-liberals for profit. Globalists, in turn, are vying for world domination by creating world power.

and the second category, who is not interested in anything other than being the sole ruler of the country, lord-patron, king, himself being the law, living solely and exclusively for his own pleasure, including animal life. In this case, it does not matter to him the size of the country and who will live there, but what the country is called.

Today, we see, we feel it, and that is why we are fighting, fighting for our faith, our kings, our history, our language, our ancestors, our customs, our government, if it dares to take a step towards nationalism. An example of this, we have and see every day.

What is happening now is the attack on King Erekle II, this is what has been happening to us for years and continues the attacks on such prominent and famous personalities of Georgian history, who created their epoch in world history, who as Georgians have a special place in world politics and life And from Queen Tamar.

Here, all this is done, just to suppress and kill the sense of nationality and strength in us. The truth is, they care less.
I will not make a list of traitors, this is for you, but I will say one thing, one of the traitors is giving lectures to our next generation at Ilia University today. Can you imagine what he is asking?

Finally, I have to tell you that they will not succeed, they will not succeed if we are not in total defense! The law should be legislated and if we do not have a law we should write it down and get it. The traitors in their time, specially removed in the Criminal Code, articles such as – treason, slander.

We are a small nation and country, so to save our country, our laws must be much stricter than the laws of tens, hundreds and billions of countries. Look at the strict laws in America, in China, but for example, that did not stop China from becoming a leader in the world.

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