At the joint session of the three committees of the Parliament of Georgia, Fridon Injia requested to remove the mentioned issue from the agenda

🔹 At the joint session of the three committees of the Parliament of Georgia, where legislative initiatives related to Georgia’s accession to the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) were discussed in an expedited manner, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia requested to remove the mentioned issue from the agenda, because according to his applications, the presented material is too voluminous. And it is very difficult to perceive and understand it in such a short time. According to Friodn Injia, such important bills require in-depth consideration and study.
🔹 The MP asked questions to Archil Mestvirishvili, the vice-president of the National Bank, who noted that Georgia plans to apply for SEPA membership in November – for the meeting of the organization.
🔹 As Fridon Injia noted, integration into the European Union is very important for the banking system of Georgia, and it is welcome, but it should serve, first of all, to strengthen the country, return of emigrants and prosperity.
🔹 “How attractive will this transition make our banking system to other countries? Georgia should take its place. Based on the example of Switzerland, we should also try to make the banking system of Georgia attractive even in our neighborhood. To what extent is this vision of mine included in this draft law?”
🔹 “I wanted to clarify about unclaimed deposits, before they become state property, what procedures will be carried out, whether relatives, heirs will be searched, and how justified is the definition of a 10-year period, how is this justified, why not 15 or 20 years”?
🔹 “Subsection C of Article 3 of the Law on Banking Activities states that a license for banking activities is issued by the National Bank if “the shareholders owning a significant share meet the requirements defined by this law and the legal act of the National Bank on the acquisition of a significant share of a commercial bank”.
🔹 “I wonder how much the rights of entrepreneurs and shareholders will be protected by the legal act of the National Bank. On the other hand, the National Bank can adopt any act that binds everyone.”
🔹 The draft laws presented at the joint session of the parliament’s integration with Europe, legal issues and sectoral economy and economic policy committees will bring about a new regulation of such issues as: management of user accounts, transactions, transfers, as well as protocols, rules and procedures related to the regulation of the financial sphere.

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