Chairman Of “European Socialists” Fridon Injia, Under The Leadership Of The Speaker Of The Parliament Of Georgia, Took Part In The First Meeting Of The Judicial Reform Working Group In The Parliament.

Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia took part in the first meeting of the judicial reform working group in the Parliament under the leadership of the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Shalva Papuashvili.

️The meeting of the judicial reform working group will be held periodically and it is one of the parts of the process initiated by the ruling party within the framework of the implementation of the 12-point recommendations of the European Commission.

️At the meeting, the chairman of “European Socialists” once again stated his position on why Georgia could not receive the status of a candidate for EU membership.

As Friedon Injia pointed out, “This is a political decision made in Europe or America, more so in America, because America is financing the second power with 88 million USD and the main ruling power is oppressed.”

️”As for these 12 points themselves… even if we fulfill them, if you hope that we will fulfill them, first of all – it is unfulfillable, and we will be given some non-existent, fabricated status, do not hope for that, I did not come with this hope either. I will participate in the work of the working group, because it is my duty as a deputy elected by the people, I must participate in the discussion of all laws,” Fridon Injia said at the meeting.

️According to the chairman of the political group, from the recommendation presented by the European Union, “the depolarization clause was invented just for Georgia”. The deputy believes that non-governmental organizations of Georgia, which are financed with 88 million dollars and actually perform the function of political parties, play the biggest role in this process.

️”I think the point of depolarization is invented for Georgia, because there is an opposition position in every state, but no one has raised this issue at such a level. It is 88 mln. Don’t give to the people who stood here and fought the ruling party and the government, or give the same amount to other political forces and the polarization will automatically be eliminated. They are not non-governmental, they are political parties. Stop funding, and if they stop funding, there will be no more polarization, or the ruling party will hand over power to the “famous” “Sirshvilia” and there will be no polarization,” said Fridon Injia.

️According to the chairman of the “European Socialists” political group, it would be self-deception that by fulfilling the 12-point recommendation of the European Union, Georgia will receive the candidate status, because it is clear to everyone that this is a political decision. Therefore, it is better for the government to act based on the interests of the country, especially when Georgia is a member country of the European Union and everything that the state should do is written in this agreement.

“Let us not deceive ourselves that by doing this we will be given the status of giving nothing.” Let us continue our work, everything we have to do is written in the association agreement”, Fridon Injia added.

️As for the judicial reform, according to the chairman of the political group, in relation to this issue, “there must be a strategy, what the court should be, and the tactic is to adopt the necessary laws”.

“In the process of implementing the judicial reform, mechanisms should be established and considered, which excludes the appointment of such people in the judicial system who do not deserve to be in this position due to their erudition, experience and other qualities. The main thing is that the judge there is of the highest level. Also, another important factor is the delay in court proceedings, which should be eliminated. Trials should not be delayed, neither in the constitutional court nor in the court of any other instance”, said Fridon Injia.

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