(Original) In Georgia there are no polarizations of societies, only the leaders of the "National Movement" and "Georgian dreams" are polarized.


Chairman of the political group of the Parliament of Georgia "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhia together with other representatives of the parliamentary opposition met with the delegation and the director of the OSCE Bureau for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (БДИПЧ) Matteo Mekachchi.

At the meeting, Fridon Indzhiya thanked the director of the BDIPCH and the members of the delegation for the work done on the formation of the new electoral system in Georgia.

"The OSCE/ODIHR played an important role in the formation of a new electoral system in Georgia. We, "European Socialists", as well as "Grazhdanes" took part in the work on the Code. The current Electoral Code differs from the previous one as the sky and the earth. This is a step forward, and the OSCE/ODIHR helped us very much in this," Indzhiya noted at the meeting.

The head of "European Socialists" did not agree with the opinion expressed at the meeting by the representative of "National Movement" that the Georgian society is allegedly polarized.

"I do not agree with the conclusion of the National Movement and the statement that our society is polarized. I would say that two or three parties are polarized today in Georgia. On the one hand - "Dream", on the other - "National Movement" and several other parties. This is the polarization of two parties, and not the society as a whole, especially in the districts and villages, there is no polarization. Так что, это надуманно. I repeat that the polarization exists between the leaders of these parties - Saakashvili, on the one hand, and the leadership of "Mechty" - on the other," Fridon Indzhiya emphasized.

At the same time, he noted the importance of making a decision on amendments to the Constitution, which would be a step forward to a multi-party Parliament.

"This issue is now very important, because in such a small country as Georgia, there are many parties, and as a result of these changes, the Parliament will be multi-party, which would reflect the interests of the population," said the deputy.
In regard to the entry of Georgia into the European Union, India stated that it is necessary to work hard, and this is a complicated process, in which the rule of law in the country is the main one.
«To get closer to membership in the EU, it is necessary to find a common language both on the part of the government and the opposition. I believe that a common language can be found when there is rule of law in the country. "Whoever is guilty should sit in prison, regardless of what party he represents or who he is," the head of "European Socialists" noted at the meeting.

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