(Original) A meeting of the leaders of the "European Socialists" with the ambassador of the Chinese People's Republic of Georgia took place in the Parliament


In the highest legislative body of Georgia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya, the vice-speaker of the Parliament Avtandil Enukidze and members of the political group met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Georgia Zhou Jiang.

The head of "European Socialists" congratulated the Chinese ambassador on holding the 20th Congress of the "Communist Party" and thanked him for his visit to the Parliament.

"Our party completely separates the concept and politics of the country's government, which is implemented by the "Communist Party" of China. The management experience accumulated by the political leadership of the People's Republic of China during these years is truly exemplary," Fridon Indzhiya noted at the meeting.

The chairman of the political group drew attention to the geopolitical role of Georgia, which, according to him, today provides great opportunities for the implementation of various important economic projects in Transcaucasia. In particular, the transit of energy sources, the production of an alternative source of energy - solar energy, air traffic or transit transportation, the development of sea ports and the increase in cargo turnover, as well as the exchange of experience in agriculture, which is part of the "Silk Road" project.

The head of "European Socialists" proposed to the ambassador to introduce the Chinese model in any region or district of Georgia and to modernize it from the point of view of the implementation of economic and social projects.

"For the deepening of relations between our parties, it is also important to prepare a Memorandum of Cooperation, which will contribute to the further deepening and strengthening of relations between the parties, as well as between Georgia and China.

According to the vice-speaker of the Parliament, Avtandil Enukidze, he supports the political course of China and considers it important to strengthen and deepen relations, both at the state level and between the parties.

«The attitude of our party is very positive in terms of deepening cooperation with you, and finally we support the sovereignty of China and its development. I cooperate with the representatives of the Chinese diaspora and thank you for this meeting", Avtandil Enukidze noted.

For his part, the ambassador emphasized the importance of this meeting and thanked the chairman of the political group "European Socialists" for organizing the meeting.

"Recently, the 20th Congress ended in China, at which the results achieved in the country in recent years were summarized, and plans and tasks for the future were set. I want to note that a special report was published at the congress, in which the leadership of the "Communist Party" of China thanked the parties of different countries for their cooperation, including your party - "European Socialists", - noted the ambassador.

"You know how important it is to develop relations between Georgia and China at the diplomatic and legislative levels. It is also very important to deepen trade relations between our countries. In this regard, Georgia is one of China's strategic partners. China always supports the independence and sovereignty of Georgia. Georgia occupies a very important geopolitical place, and in this regard, the implementation of strategic projects is extremely important. It is also important to implement infrastructural projects in the field of logistics, which will significantly improve logistics in your country," the ambassador said.

At the end of the meeting, a desire for close cooperation was expressed, and a concrete plan for further work was determined.

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