(Original) "Until we talk directly with the Abkhazians, nothing will happen, we will not solve the problem with one statement" - Fridon Indzhiya


🔴 "You, as a minister, do not use the opportunities, connections, contacts, knowledge, experience that are in our society in relation to Abkhazians and in the issue of Abkhazia as a whole. For these years, nothing has been done for rapprochement with the Abkhazians. The center of the question is located in Abkhazia, and everything is decided there, and we walk around and around. Nothing will happen until we talk directly with the Abkhazians. Only with resolutions, statements of concern or funds that work outside of Abkhazia, the case will not move forward. "Financing of education, healthcare and other things is like a feather in the air - it doesn't change anything", said the chairman of the political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya in the Parliament, where they listened to the report of the Minister of State on the issues of reconciliation and civil equality.

🔴 According to the deputy, it is necessary to interest the Abkhaz side in successful projects that are implemented in Georgia.

🔴 "It is necessary to use all possible ways - to find out what interests they have, why they do not come to us and prefer Russia. We have to analyze everything. Должны создать такие отзывы, что все те блага, что высокой создаться на остенной территории Горииии, были программы для них. What's stopping them... we need to talk. В первый раз, может не протився, в second раз, в тредий... Then among them there will be people who will be interested. They are our brothers, they will be near. Therefore, if we do something, it should be profitable for them, the port of Anaklia and many other things," said Fridon Indzhiya.

🔴 The deputy emphasized that it is necessary to talk with the local de facto authorities, and the Georgian side should use the Constitution, which was created during the rule of President Zviad Gamsakhurdi.

The head of "European Socialists" believes that family ties, the Abkhaz Institute of Elders and many other opportunities are not used at all.

🔴 Fridon Indzhiya came forward with the initiative to create in the Parliament the appropriate committee on issues of conflict resolution and integration.

🔴"There should be a committee in the Parliament, not a commission, which will deal with regulation and integration issues. In the cabinet of ministers of Japan, which, like us, is in conflict with Russia on territorial issues, there is a position of minister for relations with Russia. It was an opening for me," said the deputy.

🔴 «Probably, there are countries that are not interested in our dialogue with the Abkhazians. For the last years, the US embassy never declared the need for dialogue between the parties, did not voice demands in relation to Russia, did not express readiness... Until when should we be so distant from each other? You, as a minister, must take responsibility and, based on the interests of Georgia, prove to everyone who interferes what and how it is necessary to do. Мы жили вместе и будем жить вместе.

🔴 "I am addressing our brothers, Abkhazians. My Abkhazians, my brothers, we are open. We have nothing to hide. I am talking to our brothers, with whom we have a common state history, where our relatives live, where our dead are buried, and it is necessary to think about it," the deputy noted.

🔴 In his speech, the Chairman of the political group also drew attention to the draft law of "European Socialists", which provides for amendments to the law on citizenship.

🔴 "The changes should affect those citizens whose children and grandchildren were forced to leave the country, as the state was unable to protect them, and at present, according to the current legislation, we deny them the citizenship of Georgia, due to not knowing the Georgian language at the proper level ", - noted Indzhiya.

🔴 He expressed the hope that common sense will prevail and this question will also be resolved positively.

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