(Original) It is necessary to tighten the legislation for the illegal use of administrative resources during elections - Fridon Indzhiya  


The new procedure for electing the head of the Central Intelligence Agency by the Parliament is not an effective and hindering factor in the work of the electoral commission, since in the absence of the necessary 90 votes, it is necessary to elect the chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency every 6 months. This is a step back for the ruling party.  

This was stated by the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya at a meeting with the delegation of the Bureau of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (БДИПЧ) OSCE.

Speaking about the new package of changes in the electoral legislation, the chairman of the political group emphasized that the electoral process in 70% precincts will be held electronically.

"Based on this, it is important to control the electoral process on the remaining 30% precincts. It is necessary to have a special approach to this particular situation to avoid fraud", - noted Fridon Indzhiya.

According to his words, the use of administrative resources during elections remains a big problem, which manifests itself in pressure on voters.

"There should be a harsh method of punishment for the illegal use of an administrative resource so that no one thinks about it," Fridon Indzhiya said.

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