(Original) Fridon Indjiya, Prime Minister of Iraq Irakli Garibashvili - Do not you understand why it is necessary to pass a law on NPO?


"Do you think it is necessary to adopt a law on non-governmental organizations?"

«Take measures. Complete cohabitation, the law must be the law!»

Fridon Indzhiya stated this at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia, where Prime Minister Iraklii Garibashvili presented his annual report.

The chairman of the parliamentary opposition political group "European Socialists", Fridon Indzhiya, appealed to the prime minister and the parliamentary majority with a proposal to adopt a law on non-governmental organizations that would regulate their activities.

«The non-governmental sector in Georgia is financed by 88 million dollars. In addition, financing is replenished from other countries, then internal reserves, and imagine what will follow... Precisely, thanks to the 88 million financing, they stood here, near the Parliament, including young people who are really inspired by democratic and European aspirations, but behind them These NGOs are here," said Fridon Indzhiya.

«What did non-governmental organizations do?

• Did they make political statements? Делали;
• Did they call for disobedience? invited
• Do they create organizational structures? – Create;
• Trebuyut violent actions for changes in the constitutional system? Требуют;

• Is there propaganda or violence against the government? Пропагандируется;

Then explain to me, is this a political organization or a public one?
It turns out that in our eyes, in front of the Parliament, a plan is being built that can be expanded. Take action. Завершите коабитацию, let the law be the law? - stressed Fridon Indzhiya.

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