(Original) Fridon Indigeny needs Georgian authorities to work actively to repatriate immigrants


Gosudarstvo should do everything for the dignified return of Georgian emigrants to their homeland. This was stated by the head of the parliamentary opposition political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya at the meeting of the Committee on Diaspora and Caucasus, where they listened to the report of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Konstantinidis about the work done with the diaspora.

"I believe that the most important thing in working with the diaspora is to do everything possible so that people return to their homeland with dignity, and those who remain there should be informed about Georgia. In the state program of voluntary return, very little financial resources are provided, while in other directions it is about millions", - noted deputy Indzhiya.

According to him, it is necessary to activate work with the Georgian diaspora and expand programs to facilitate their return to their homeland.

"A person who has decided to return must feel that his homeland is waiting for him, that the country is not poor, and he can help him", - said Fridon Indzhiya, emphasizing the need to launch appropriate advertising in different countries about the fact that the relevant state program is in effect in In turn, it will help a person who is abroad and does not decide to return to his homeland to make a decision.

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