(Оригинал) Кишевство в грузии в грузии недоставление размещение – Фридон Инджия


Availability and quality of medical care in Georgia, creating the necessary conditions for medical workers and increasing the number of state hospitals were the main topics of the speech of the head of the "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhii, at the plenary session of the Parliament, where the hearing of the minister of forcibly displaced persons from the occupied территорий Грузии, труда, health care and social protection.

«Today in Georgia, up to 95% medical facilities have been sold... There is no such thing in any European country, where the percentage ratio of private and public institutions is balanced. As the Minister of Health, you are responsible for protecting the health of our citizens, ensuring availability and quality of medical services. Therefore, I believe that at the first stage in each district there should be at least one medical institution under the control of the state, and in the subsequent stages already in all large settlements of the country.

The second question concerns the Republican Hospital, which has always been exemplary and successful. Currently, this hospital is under the control of the state, but the situation in it is unfavorable. I am asking you to familiarize yourself with the current situation in detail. I believe that the Republican Hospital should be the face of the medical workers, the Ministry of Health and the entire country. Take measures and make at least one medical institution in Tbilisi exemplary.

As a Georgian, I am worried that our compatriots - successful doctors are working in other countries. During the pandemic, many of them gave us useful advice and advice. These are our children, who received education here, then continued their studies and practice abroad, and unfortunately, today they do not serve our people.

Наше предложения создать в том, что грузование Горузии онлайн очень состояние состояние продукты для программы для грузиния грузинских драхей, что они може серебрят современно народ и родине. Or, using the possibilities of digital technologies, to share their experience and knowledge with Georgian doctors as much as possible, thereby increasing the quality of medical services.

Regarding the Center for Coordination of Emergency Situations and Emergency Assistance, where about 1,200 employees work, I received information that during the administration of the former director Alexander Kalandia, the employees were promised an allowance of 600 GEL for the work done during the pandemic. not yet completed. Today, the director of the center is Aleksandr Kutibashvili, and the employees demand an answer... I think they should get an answer...

I hope that our suggestions and comments will be considered by you and appropriate decisions will be made.

I thank you and all the doctors for your selfless work during the most difficult period of the pandemic".

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