(Original) Fridon Indzhiya took the initiative to create a parliamentary temporary commission to investigate the August war of 2008


 The chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya held a press conference in the highest legislative body about the need to create a temporary parliamentary commission to investigate the causes and events preceding the August 2008 war.

  • "Several weeks ago, the initiative of investigating the war of 2008 was voiced by public representatives.

This demand and the need for an objective investigation was voiced more than once from the rostrum of the Parliament and in various media by the deputy group of our party.

  • The truth about what and how it happened, as a result of which we lost territory, interests our public, as well as the family members of 408 people who died in this war. In addition, it is necessary for our future, our history, so that there are no black spots of uncertainty.

 The war of 2008 was evaluated by the Tagliavini commission, later the chronology of the beginning of the war was reflected in the resolution of the Council of Europe, which was also supported by the National Movement. The current president of Georgia has expressed his position on the topic of war during the presidential elections.

 However, Georgian society still has no clear information about what actually happened in August 2008:

 Почему we lost 20% трериторий страны;

Можно ли было выбирать такой огенной потери для страны;

 What did our international partners advise the Saakashvili government?

Who and what role he played in the adoption of the tripartite agreement on the cessation of fire;

For what reason and on whose orders, more than 1000 Georgian soldiers left the Kodor gorge without fighting.

 What was the cost of the military equipment that was written off after the war, and at all, was this equipment available, and also where was it located;

In addition to the authorized persons who were involved in the decision-making on the part of Georgia and many other issues that are still being discussed in our society;

 We believe that each of these issues needs to be carefully investigated, as they have repeatedly stated. The investigation can be started both in the prosecutor's office and in the format of the parliamentary temporary commission. Loss or transfer of 20% territory of Georgia should not remain unpunished!

Based on the above, our party begins to collect signatures on the topic of the investigation of the August 2008 war - with the goal of starting a prosecutor's investigation, as well as creating a temporary parliamentary investigative commission. We will go to all regions of the country to collect signatures and explain to people the importance of the results of the investigation of the 2008 war, as well as what the new war will bring.

This question is all the more relevant today that the government representatives are openly talking about the danger of opening a second front in Georgia.

  • We must do everything so that what happened in August 2008 will never happen again in Georgia.

 We are confident that a thorough investigation of the 2008 war will make a significant contribution to the prevention of a new war.

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