The office of our party "European Socialists" includes an appeal of a group of voters in the Georgian media regarding specific discriminatory facts. The case concerns obscene language broadcast live on television, directed at people of Russian nationality.

In particular, on April 1, 2021, Kakha Gogidze, a guest actor of the studio on Pirveli TV, made xenophobic statements about people of Russian nationality. He also called on Georgians to make Russian tourists feel threatened during their relations. He repeatedly used the word "pig" as a national symbol. All this was "justified" on the topic of occupation. Part of the quotes: The land should be burned by all Russians, Russian tourists are not here! "- Jerry should have given a gun to these pigs!" , Insulting statements to Russian citizens ("All Russians are pigs", etc.).

According to the international obligations of Georgia and the Constitution of Georgia, it is inadmissible to discriminate and insult a person on any grounds, including national or ethnic ones. The relevant amendment is made to the Law on Mass Media (Article 14, Article 56), which states that:

1) It is prohibited to broadcast programs in a way that poses an obvious and direct threat of inciting any form of racial, ethnic, religious or other incitement, discrimination against any group or incitement to violence.

2) It is prohibited to broadcast programs that focus on the physical abilities, ethnicity, religious worldview, gender, etc. of a person or group. Unless this is necessary given the content of the program and is intended to illustrate the existing conflict.

We understand that it is physically impossible for TV presenters to restrain live broadcasts, but in our opinion, the presenter is obliged to point out to the guest the need to obey the law and make appropriate comments, while the TV management apologizes to the public for its hate speech. In the above cases, however, this did not happen.

The citizens who have approached us are going to go to court for the above facts of ethnic discrimination and violence. We, as a European values party, and I personally, as a Member of Parliament, wonder if it is possible for the Communications Commission to investigate these facts and protect citizens' rights. Then a court hearing may not be necessary.

The letter was sent to the relevant human rights organizations and structures to respond.

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