Calls on Ukraine to abide by Minsk agreement to avoid war

📍 Fridon Injia, chairman of the European Socialist parliamentary group, called on Ukraine to live up to its obligations under the Minsk agreement, thus avoiding war. Fridon Injia stated about it at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia. "We call on our friends, the Ukrainians, to fulfill the obligation they recognized under the Minsk agreement. Believe me, this will save Ukraine from war and disrupt the Ukrainian card game," Fridon Injia said. According to him, this will allow Georgia to maneuver for the benefit of the country and for unification. "Another way is disastrous for our country. This has been shown by history. I have in mind the experience of the last 30 years "- said Fridon Injia. According to him, it is often heard, what does a strategic partner mean? .. It's a bit confusing… “What does strategic partnership mean? To arm others and end it all? … Moreover, the price of armaments should be predetermined it is 600 million, 700 million…. It turns out that this weapon of this value has to be paid for by someone, someone owes it to… So, it's a pity, who is whose strategic partner? .. and what is included in this strategic partnership "- said Fridon Injia at the plenary session.

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