The "European Socialists" party categorically condemns the incident in Batumi

The members of the political party "European Socialists" categorically condemn the incident that happened in Batumi's Europe Square.

"European socialists categorically condemn the incident that happened in Batumi and we consider it an indecent, unacceptable fact that is absolutely beyond any moral and ethical action. This is a shameful fact of violation of human rights and dignity," the statement said.

"European Socialists" believe that the incident in Batumi requires a strict response from the relevant agencies, otherwise, ignoring such facts will not bring anything good to the country.

"It is necessary to take a strict response to the incident that happened in Batumi, otherwise, ignoring it will bring the worst consequences to the country. The main goal of "European socialists" is to build a democratic, free state, where the protection of human rights is supreme, and no democratic force can tolerate encouraging such facts in our country," the statement reads.

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