The members of the political council of the party "European Socialists" discussed the draft state budget for 2022 with the First Deputy Minister of Finance.

???? Members of the Political Council of the Party of European Socialists discuss the draft state budget for 2022 with the First Deputy Minister of Finance 

Tamar Kiknadze, a member of the party's political council, spoke about the problems of students at the meeting and noted that the number of students whose status has been suspended due to non-payment of tuition fees is quite high.
"It would be good if the money left unused in the field of education last year was distributed to students who had their status suspended due to non-payment of fees, so that they could continue their studies." Noted Tamar Kiknadze.
During the meeting with the First Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze, the head of the party's Tbilisi organization Nato Arghvliani focused on the problems of IDPs in Georgia.
"Unfortunately, the state has no communication with IDPs, except for A.

Advice period. However, their existence is the most difficult, especially in the densely populated population. Today, in the 21st century, such living conditions are simply unimaginable. "It is difficult for me to convey the situation in which these people live," said Nato Arghvliani.
He stressed that financial assistance to IDPs is meager and unacceptable in the face of current inflation and rising prices.
 As Arghvliani noted, Abkhazia and Samachablo are a common pain and it is necessary to take concrete effective steps in this direction.
"Unfortunately, today the steps taken by the diplomatic corps are limited to concerns and are not enough. "First of all, it is necessary to have political will in terms of sorting out relations." Noted Arghvliani.

The issue of increasing financial assistance to veterans was also raised during the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Finance. As the party of European Socialists Political Council member Victor Tsaava noted We have been talking about the 22-GEL sacramental assistance for veterans for 9 years and the decision made by the Georgian government regarding veterans is important.
Koba Kiladze, an expert on economics and agriculture, who was invited to the meeting, said that the statistics of the programs operating in Georgia clearly show that they are involved in agricultural programs and a very small (insignificant) part of the rural population enjoys these benefits. Also noteworthy is the fact that most of the programs are focused on storing and processing primary agricultural products or even promoting the cultivation of perennial crops or the rehabilitation of existing ones.
 "We think that a special program (at least
Pilot), in which beneficiaries from this vulnerable group would be able to grow annual crops on their own plots, would allow us to increase the number of beneficiaries involved in a single agricultural project, which would lead to redistribution of program benefits to the general public and their involvement Said Koba Kiladze.

According to Giorgi Mikaia, an expert financier of the invited specialist, in order to stimulate the economy, it would be good to return the refinancing rate to the target in the conditions of high inflation.
"Is it possible to attract additional resources or support certain projects that would facilitate foreign direct investment, or to privatize privatized property more actively?" Giorgi Mikaia mentioned at the meeting.


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