Political Council

Political Council


Avtandil Enukidze

member of parliament; 

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament

Committee on Defense and Security - Member of the Committee;

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Reserve - Member of the Parliamentary Delegation;

Permanent Parliamentary Council for Open Government - Member of the Council





David Zilfimiani

member of parliament

Member of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture;

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee;

EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee (EU-GEORGIA PAC), main composition - Member of the Parliamentary Delegation;

Permanent Parliamentary Council for the Protection of the Rights of the Child - Member of the Council




Gela Mikadze

member of parliament

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Sectoral Economics and Economic Policy;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the Republic of Austria - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the US Parliament - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship group with the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the Italian Republic - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the Kingdom of Spain - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the Republic of Lebanon - Leader of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of the French Republic - Member of the Friendship Group;

Friendship Group with the Parliament of Ukraine - Member of the Friendship Group


Giorgi Maghlakelidze

Head of the party of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists"

Doctor of Economics


  • 1982–1986 - Georgian State Agrarian University, Economics, Organization and Management;
  • 1988–1989 - Moscow, Timiryazev Academy. Mathematical modeling and enterprise optimization;
  • 1991–1992 - Iowa State University, USA, Agribusiness and International Relations;
  • 1993 - Atlanta University, USA, Agribusiness and Environmental Protection;
  • 1993–1994 U.S. Department of State, Arranging Public and Private Insurance Systems

work experience:

  • 2010-2014- Executive Director of the Georgian Quality Association;
  • 2008–2010 - Executive Director of the Georgia-EU Business Council, Member of the Board of Directors;
  • 2005-2008 - Executive Director of the winery company "Alexandreuli";
  • 2001–2002 - Caucasus Business School; Lecturer, Macro Economics, English Group;
  • 1995-2003 - World Bank and International Development Fund Program Director, Georgia; Project Director; Head of Coordination Center;
  • 1994 - Representative of the United States Agency for International Development in the Caucasus; Program Coordinator;
  • 1992–1994 - Cabinet of Ministers of Georgia; Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Economic Relations;



Victor Tsaava

Party "European Socialists"

Member of the Political Council


1982–1987 - Georgian Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Road Construction;

work experience:

1982-1983 – Laboratory of Teleti Agricultural Technical School, laboratory assistant;

1983-1985 - 4th grade locksmith of Tbilisi Leather Production Association;

1985-1990 - Technician, Junior Engineer and Engineer at Sakakhzaproekti;

1994-1995 –  ქ. Tbilisi Krtsanisi Rhine Board;

1995  –   The head of the cooperative "Aia", who Serves the revival of Georgian folk handicrafts;

1997  – 1999 - Establishes a recycling plant in the United States; Enterprise Manager;

2000 - in Georgia For the purpose of propagating Georgian culture ChEstablished the association "Raising";

2002 - Together with Laz friends he formed the "Association for the Revival of the Colchian-Laz Culture"; President of the Association;

2002  –  Head of Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi district of the political union "Ertoba" in the Tbilisi Sakrebulo elections;

2003  – Majoritarian MP candidate of the Krtsanisi district political union "Ertoba" in the parliamentary elections;

Since 2009 - Publicist activity

2013 - Completed Russian-Georgian School of Journalism at Moscow State University of International Relations, with the program "Modern Journalism and the latest information technologies.

National Movement:

Since 1988 - an active participant in the national liberation movement;  Member of the Committee on Poisoning on 9 April;

Abkhazian war:

Commander of the platoon of the mobile mobile station of the 24th Brigade Communication Battalion stationed in Ochamchire.

Participated in the operations of clearing the Ochamchire landing in 1992, liquidation of the Tamish landing, capture of the lab, Kochari, Beslakhubi, Lashkendar, Sokhumi.




Bukhuti Chachua

Party "European Socialists" Member of the party's political council

Education: 1991-1997 - Sokhumi Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Specialty: Mechanical Engineer;

work experience: From 2000 to present, "New Networks" Ltd and Ltd. West Wines Technical Manager;





                         Tamar Kiknadze

  Party "European Socialists" Member of the party's political council

 Education: 1997-2000 - Doctorate at the Moscow Diplomatic Academy

                   1995-1997 - Moscow Diplomatic Academy

                   1991 - English School of London Park

                   1988-1989 - Tbilisi Business School

                   1982-1987 - Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages

                   1978-1982 - Tbilisi 1 music school


Profession: Political scientist, specialist in international relations

Scientific degree:

Doctor of Political Science - Dissertation topic: "Gender Aspect of Socio-Political Transformation of Modern Society" (on the example of Georgia in 198-1990)

 Candidate of Historical Sciences - Dissertation topic: "Evolution of Ethno-Confessional Relations in Cyprus" (1870-1990)


Internship: Rutger State University, New Jersey

                   Hungary - Budapest School of Economics

  work experience:

2021 - to date - Georgian Technical University -  Professor, Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations

2011 - Present - Caucasus International University - Professor Undergraduate Program in International Relations, Holder of Doctoral Program in Political Science, Director of the Institute of Political Studies

2009-2011 - Professor at the International Black Sea University

2004-20011 - Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences, International University of the Black Sea

1999- 2007 - Deputy Director of the Center for Political Studies, Tbilisi State University, Professor

1993-1995 - Tbilisi State University, Associate Professor of Modern and Recent History, Asia and Africa

1987-1993 - State Concern Sakkurort - Deputy Technical Director for Foreign Economic Relations

                   - Assistant to the General Director

                    - Head of the Department of International Economic Relations. Inspector                       

Knowledge of languages: Georgian, Russian, English, French

Supervision of doctoral and master programs:

International Black Sea University - Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs

Caucasus International University - Undergraduate and Doctoral Programs

Membership and activity of various organizations:

  • President of the Georgian Association of International Organization "Women with University Education"
  • Professor at the Azerbaijan Institute of Human Rights
  • Founder of the magazine "Political Scientist" and Mt. Editor
  • Member of the Scientific Coordination Council of the Azerbaijani-Georgian Scientific Journal "Law and Political Science"
  • Member of the editorial board of the Georgian-American scientific journal "Culture and Philosophy"
  • Founder of the Women's Political Resource Center
  • Founder of the Women's Charity Foundation "Dea Kavkasia"


Lecture courses read:

  • Political science
  • Comparative politics
  • International Politics
  • Political ideologies
  • Theory of International Relations
  • Research methods in the social sciences
  • Theory and practice of diplomacy
  • History of International Relations
  • Globalization and International Relations
  • Gender and Politics
  • Gender - social and political teachings
  • Gender Sociology


List of grants obtained and participation:

  • Open Society Georgia Foundation - Lecture Course: Gender Social and Political Studies (2004)
  • Open Society Foundation Georgia - Preparation and Examination of the Dictionary of Social Sciences - Author of Part of Political Science (2004)
  • US Embassy in Georgia - Domestic Violence - Crime, Information Support for Draft Law on Domestic Violence - Expert (2005-2006)
  • Open Society Georgia Foundation Project Public Monitoring of the Right to Peaceful Assembly and Demonstration 7 May 2009 - 7 June 2009 - Consultant
  • Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia - 3rd Congress of Non-Governmental Organizations "State of Democracy in Georgia - (May-June 2008) - Head of the Organizing Group
  • Women's Fund in Georgia - Assistance to IDP Women (for IDPs housed in Isani Hospital and the so-called ZAKVO (September 2008) - Organizer
  • PFI - International Organization of Prisoners - The World Through the Eyes of Convicts - (2009)
  • Ned Project Dissemination of Civic Hearing Experiences in the South Caucasus - Establishment of a Civic Hearing Center for Democracy and Gender (2007-2008) - Expert
  • Ned Project - Debates between the Representatives of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia on Civic Hearing, Democracy and Gender Issues (2008-2009)
  • Central Election Commission - Promoting Civic Involvement of IDP Women in Local Self-Government Elections - Project Director - August-September 2017

- UNHCR - Promoting the Integration of Internationally Protected Persons in Georgia, Studying / Identifying the Needs of Internationally Protected Persons in Georgia - Researcher, 2017 - Central Election Commission - Strong Political Parties for Democratic Elections - Coordinator of Educational Process Management, 2017 - Open Society Georgia Foundation Translation of Scientific Literature into Georgian, 2015 - Rustaveli Foundation - Doctoral Assistance Program - Student Handbook of Political Science Doctoral Program, 2018 2021 CSU Social Science Development Grant Program - Handbook of 3 scientific projects, 2018, 2019 Organized events:- Student Republican Conference "Challenges of Modern Georgia" (2014) - Chairman of the Organizing Committee

  • International Silk Road Symposium (2011) - Member of the Organizing Committee
  • International Forum "Globalization and the Dialogue of Civilizations" (2011)

- International Conference on Iran-Georgia Economic, Political and Economic Relations - June, 2015 Member of the Organizing Committee - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - June 2016 - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - June 2017 - Georgia-Iran Relations Dedicated International Conference - June 2018 - International Conference Dedicated to Georgia-Iran Relations - June 2019 - International Conference Dedicated to Georgia-Iran Relations - June 2020 - International Student Conference - October 2020.   Participation in international conferences:- Fourth International Conference on the Silk Road: Perspectives of the Black Sea Region and EU Relations - 2009, October 27-28-29 - International Conference "Gender, the Current Problem", Yerevan, 2009, October - International Conference in Memory of Heydar Aliyev, 2008 - International Conference on American Studies, 2010, September 16-18 - NATO: Science, Peace and Security, Washington, 2009, September 6-7 - XYII World Economic Forum, Krinitsa, 2009, September 5-8 - International Conference: Political Culture of Post-Soviet Countries , Izmit, 2010, September 18-21 - International Conference: Government and Society, Tbilisi, 2010

- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, 2011, 18-19 May

- International Conference: Perspectives on Gender Balance in Armenia, 2011, December

- United Nations Conference on the Status of Women, New York, 2011, 27 February-14 March

- International Conference "Gerasun Initiative", Gerasun, 2012, December 19-25

- International Conference "Intercultural Communications", Tbilisi. 2013, September


- International Conference "Current Issues of Russian-Georgian Relations", Moscow, Institute of International Relations, 2014, April 12-16

  • International Conference "Security Problems of the Caucasus" Yerevan, 2014, October 17,
  • International Conference "Caucasian Dialogue", Nalchik, 2014, December 26,
  • International Conference "Problems of Continuing Education". Graz (Austria), 2014, 14-19 .June,

- International Conference on Iran-Georgia Economic, Political and Economic Relations - June 21, 2015

- International Conference "Aspects of European Association of Georgia", Tbilisi. June 12, 2016 - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - 2016, June 24. - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - 2017, May 14 - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - 2018, May 19 - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations Conference - December 26, 2019 - International Conference on Georgia-Iran Relations - 2020, October 29



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