Georgia has never been as independent as it is today - Fridon Injia

👉 Georgia has never been as independent as it is today - Fridon Injia

საქართველო "Georgia has never been as independent as it is today in our recent history!"

დ Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" at the plenary sitting of the Parliament.

. “Our homeland has always aspired to stand in the right place in history. For decades, everything has been done to be a full member of the European family, both militarily and in all other priority areas. Still, during this period we lost territories, our children died, people were displaced.

დრო It is time to judge everything correctly and draw conclusions:

და Georgia and its government must continue to act in the national interest of their own country, as they do: Turkey, a NATO member and EU candidate country, other EU member states, a number of European countries and our friend, for example Israel.

დან Of the 12 points required by the EU, each is imbued with a double standard, there is no criterion for its implementation, evaluation and most importantly, who will be the evaluator.

ამ Are these conditions based on the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law for all and the preservation of Georgia's ethnic-cultural identity?

🔹 If after the fulfillment of these 12 points we receive the 13th, the most important condition that was voiced, not from the high tribune of the European Commission and the European Parliament, but from the president of one of the leading European countries, where he practically demands geographical-territorial change of our country. Exceeds the capacity of both our and our supernatural forces.

🔹 However, for our neighbor, bordering Turkey, its geographical location has not prevented it from being accepted as a candidate and has been waiting for EU membership for decades.

. I consider it expedient to put aside all hysteria, which further deepens the controversy, tension and creates artificial polarization in the country.

. It is time for the Georgian government to take a pragmatic and real step in the interests of the country, to engage in all the important economic or political formats that will bring economic stability, development, political stability and the main goal - to restore the country's territorial integrity. Including the adoption of European laws that will strengthen our country. Nobody prevents us from doing this.

იქნება It would be good if Europe would give us candidate status, and that would be fair given the reforms that our country has undertaken and its history, especially over the last 30 years.

🔹 However, everything is relative. It is a fact that the status of an EU candidate country gives practically nothing at this stage, but granting the status of a candidate will allow us to reduce the existing polarization in the country.

🔹 It is to reduce polarization that we need the help of EU member states by granting candidate status, and if Georgia is not granted candidate status, then the EU countries that go against it will support not peace but more polarization, confrontation, war and destruction in Georgia.

🔹 EU demands reduction of polarization. What comes out at this time? It promotes polarization itself. "

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