"Georgia has always been, is and will be a tolerant state" - European Socialists

The members of the political party "European Socialists" are categorically opposed to any confrontation between Georgians and the population of different nationalities in Georgia on religious grounds.

The members of the party are ready to participate in the negotiations regarding the conflict between the local population in Buknar village of Chokhatauri district on religious grounds.

"There is no unsolvable problem not only among Georgians, but also among different nationalities in Georgia. Georgia has always been, is and will be a tolerant state and this has always been a strong point of our country. There is no issue in the country that cannot be settled through negotiations. Controversy on any topic can be resolved positively only through civil and constructive negotiations. Party members are ready, if necessary, to participate in negotiations between the parties in terms of conflict resolution. We believe that all the necessary resources should be used in this direction" - stated in the statement of the political party "European Socialists".

"European Socialists" believe that human rights and their religious affiliation should be the supreme principle for the state, and no one should have the right to overshadow this great achievement.

"Respect for different confessions, peaceful and tolerant coexistence of the population is one of the most important factors of democratic principles. The party condemns all violence and considers it an inevitable condition to resolve the existing conflict through negotiations," the statement said.

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