Friedon Injia is holding high-level meetings in the European Parliament in Brussels at the invitation of Irish MEPs Mick WALLACE and Clare DALY, who represent the left wing in the European Parliament.

📍 The chairman of the parliamentary political group and the political party "European Socialists" Fridon Injia is holding high-level meetings in Brussels at the European Parliament at the invitation of Mick WALLACE and Clare DALY, MEPs from Ireland, who represent the left wing in the European Parliament.

🔷 The main topic of the meeting was granting Georgia the status of a candidate country of the European Union, current political events and deepening of mutual cooperation and partnership relations between the two political powers.

🔷 At the meeting, the parties agreed on close and comprehensive long-term mutual cooperation.

🔷"We had very interesting meetings with our partners from the European Parliament.
It is very important to share the concept and approach on the part of the governing circles of the European Union, which Mick Wallace and Claire Daley MEPs are talking about. Their ideas are the future. In particular, the majority of the European Parliament should have an unbiased and objective approach to the countries that aspire to the EU membership and also to the evaluation of the current political events in these countries. Among them, of course, in relation to Georgia. In this way, Europe and the European Union will maintain the main principle, which is the development of democracy, protection of human rights, provision of welfare and implementation of social justice. Otherwise, the difficult situation in Europe will deepen", said Fridon Injia after the meeting.

🔷 On the other hand, Claire Daly said that she is happy to host a delegation of Georgian colleagues in the European Parliament in Brussels, which allows them to hear and understand the voice of Georgia.

🔷 "We exchanged views on current political processes, which is very important in the way of mutual cooperation. Within the framework of the visit, we have planned interesting events, which will allow more members of the European Parliament to understand objective and correct information about current political processes in Georgia, which should be the basis for conducting joint work from Europe to the world," said Claire Daly.

🔷 According to Mick Wallace, many people in Georgia are interested in the concept of the European Union and it is important that the European Union gives people a way to express their opinion in this process.

🔷 "We know that people want to have a choice, and the European Union should do so that the Georgian people are not deprived of their right to vote and choose," said Mick Wallace.

🔷 According to Giorgi Maglakelidze, a member of the political council of the political party "European Socialists", "the fact that Georgia's problems are heard in the European Parliament is the most important thing".

🔷 "The fact that the voice of Georgia's problems is heard in the European Parliament is unimportant. All the more so when MEPs and important people like Claire Daly and Mick Wallace talk about it. Therefore, their fair voice about Georgia is highly appreciated." Giorgi Maglakelidze said.

🔷 Within the framework of the visit, a conference - round table "Voice of Georgia" is planned, where a discussion will be held with the participation of deputies of various political groups of the European Parliament regarding the current political situation in Georgia and the challenges on the way to European integration.

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