Fridon Injia - today's speech of the President of Georgia before the highest legislative body of the country is aimed at deepening polarization in the country;

📍 Today's speech of the President of Georgia before the highest legislative body of the country is aimed at deepening the polarization in the country;

🔴 Chairman of the political group "European Socialists" of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia stated this at the extraordinary session of the Parliament, where the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili presented the annual report.

🔴 "Today's speech of the President of Georgia and all statements of the last period are aimed at the country To deepen the polarization", said Fridon Injia.

🔸 The chairman of the political group expressed the hope that the president will make such statements before the end of his term of office, which will be aimed at the interests of the country, thus he will make his own small contribution to the construction and development of the state.

🔸 "Ms. Salome, you still have one more year before the end of your presidential term, and I ask you to make such statements that will be considered a step in favor of the interests of the country, a step towards saving the Georgian state - this means the interests of the citizens of Georgia, including the interests of the Georgian diaspora. You do not have any other great authority. Therefore, if you do this, you will be considered as laying even a small brick in saving the Georgian state.

🔸 What gives me the right to talk to you like that?

🔸 During the second round of the presidential elections, even though we are an opposition party, we fought day and night in Samegrelo for two weeks and you won in all eight districts in that very difficult region. Here, this gives me the right to say that we will not give up and the president we voted for will do the necessary things for the country", said Fridon Injia.

🔸 In his speech, the deputy asked the country's president to clarify the difference he sees between the events of March 7-8 and the fact of the protesters' invasion of the Capitol in the United States of America.

🔸 Madam President, what difference do you see between the invasion of the United States Congress by the participants of the protest action and the storming of the Georgian Parliament building by the participants of the action?

🔸 If the storming of the capitol is considered an illegal act there and the perpetrators are punished - they are sentenced to 10-15 years or more, here in Georgia, is it possible for radical groups to storm the parliament building, set it on fire and repeatedly use Molotov cocktails to kill policemen?

🔸 You, with your statements, show support for people who are misguided, who set fire to the parliament and attack law enforcement officers, mercilessly destroy the state's infrastructure and property. Were these actions within the constitutional framework?

🔸 How are people who raise their hands at police officers punished in America? Here, during the March 7-8 rally, how many were maimed? Were the criminals punished? Or if they are punished, do you think of pardoning them?" Fridon Injia asked the president.

🔸 The MP expressed hope that the time will come when the participants of the March 7-8 rally will realize the truth and everything will be called by its name.

🔸 The chairman of the political group reminded the president about the rules of the political game and team principles of cooperation, which principles should be followed by persons holding the highest political positions in the state.

🔸 "I want to talk to you about the rules of the game by which you became the president of Georgia."

🔸 We all have children, families and we know what responsibility we have before them. There are many historical examples in Georgia, where our kings, statesmen and first persons always put the interests of the country above everything else. Let me remind you that when you were the Minister of Foreign Affairs and had to resign, you had to make that decision precisely because you did not know the rules of the game. The "National Movement", despite many factors that are unacceptable to me, knows how to play by the rules, and the people you have gathered should not think that someone came to this meeting with your respect. They had a protest against the previous government. Therefore, you thought and received the legitimacy that you could speak for the people. (Salome Zurabishvili in 2005, after her removal from the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, gathered the population at the hippodrome).

🔸 Do not forget that the rules of the game were suggested to you by "Dream". After all, you agreed and gave a promise to the then chairman of "Georgian Dream" that you would be devoted to Georgia and honorably fulfill the duty assigned to you as the president. He too, I mean Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili, gave you a promise that he would continue to provide colossal financial aid to Georgia, which he is doing, based on the interests of Georgia, despite his departure from politics and the unprecedented pressure on him, which cannot even be compared to the pressure on you and the existing obligations.

🔸 I believe that there is pressure on you today, but you have to rise above it, and I can give examples of that. You want the example of Israel, where the country's prime minister and head of national security say that Israel is an independent country, they have their own state interests, and it will never become another additional star on the American flag.

🔸 "We respect the democratic system of the USA, but they must remember that Israel is an independent state, not just another star on the American flag," - Israel's national security minister.

🔸 "Israel is a sovereign country that makes decisions in accordance with the will of its people and not as a result of pressure from abroad, including its best friends," - the Prime Minister of Israel.

🔸 In his speech, Fridon Injia also reminded the president about the position of the government of Turkey, a strategic partner of Georgia, a neighboring country, which, according to the deputy, is a member of NATO and constantly fights for the interests of its people and country.

🔸 In addition, the chairman of the political group believes that the country's president and the government should properly understand the role of strategically important neighboring countries based on the interests of Georgia and the Georgian people.

🔸 "Economically, the real strategic neighboring countries for our country are: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, from which Georgia receives the main energy carriers - gas, oil, electricity, essential products for primary consumption, which allows strengthening and strengthening of the Georgian economy," said the deputy.

🔸 Fridon Injia negatively assessed the statement made by the country's president, according to which Salome Zurabishvili does not support the issue of restoring air traffic between Georgia and Russia.

🔸 "I think that you are making statements without looking ahead, against the interests of up to one million Georgians and the interests of their relatives living in Georgia, whose number is more than a million, who voted for you.

🔸 I believe that the restoration of air traffic between Sakatvelo and Russia is a humanitarian act, so that people can communicate with each other. We should try in every possible way to make life as easy as possible for our citizens and compatriots living in Georgia and Russia in terms of communication. We should seek and strengthen economic relations that will be beneficial for both countries. This will be the bridge over which the solution to our big problem, heartache, which is called the integration of Georgia, will pass.

🔸 The restoration of air traffic will provide a considerable benefit to the economy of the state as well as to our fellow citizens, and in case of restrictions and flight bans, who will compensate for the loss?

🔸 Are the statements made by you an action directed against the interests of Georgia? Who is responsible for this? why are you talking like that Whose president are you?" Fridon Injia asked the president.

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