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Fridon Injia met with the candidates of Tbilisi District Election Commissions

Today at the central office of the party "European Socialists" a meeting was held between the chairman of the party Fridon Injia and the candidates of Tbilisi district election commissions.
 At the meeting, the issue of appointing candidates in Tbilisi districts of local self-government in 2021 was discussed. A two-month work plan of the party was also developed.

Members of the "European Socialists" express deep sorrow over the tragedy of the flood in Western Europe

Members of the European Socialist Party express their deep sorrow over the flood tragedy in Western Europe, Belgium, Germany and France, in which dozens of people have died and are still missing.
The party "European Socialists" releases a statement.

"Members of the political party 'European Socialists' express their condolences to the countries of Western Europe, where the floods have had dire consequences.

"The party expresses its deep sorrow and solidarity with the Belgian, German and French people over these tragic events," the statement said.

Fridon Injia: How long should we live by memoranda? Where is the line between sovereignty of the country and fulfillment of the terms of the memorandum?

The speech of the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia with the President of the European Council Charles Michel at the meeting held with the opposition in Batumi.
I would especially like to welcome Mr. Charles Michel and thank him very much for being so actively involved in solving the problems of our country. It is thanks to him that a few months ago the artificially inspired political crisis in Georgia ended and opposition parties entered the parliament. The document "Future Road for Georgia" was signed, although the memorandum turned out to be one-sided in the end, nevertheless it undoubtedly played its positive role.
Today you are a very popular person in Georgia. There is almost no news release without your name. Even in the parliament we have a faction of the document named after you. Political leaders always appeal to Charles Michel's document and use this document in all statements and actions.
According to many, this may not be the best document, but it helped to ease the crisis situation.
But it is necessary to mention one thing:
Sakarvelo has always been distinguished by its independence, striving for freedom and independence. We have great respect for European values, European political culture and strive to establish those European traditions, the goal of which is, first of all, the happiness of the individual and the building of a harmonious society. We maintain our desire to be members of the Western Commonwealth, but at the same time to be independent, to act in accordance with our constitution, so that the signed memorandum does not become a weapon and a means of paralyzing our parliament, leveling the constitution, suspending the functioning of the court, the branches of government - the president, judges, the Council of Justice, etc. A pressure mechanism or more – let's live by the memo.

If the ruling party signed this memorandum, it does not mean that only it, unilaterally, should implement it?! At this time, the so-called Destructive opposition sometimes comes in, sometimes boycotts the parliament, incessantly violates political ethics and paralyzes the sessions of the parliament. This infuriates the largest part of our population and discredits Western values.

How long do we have to live with memos? Where is the line between a country's sovereignty and compliance with the terms of the memorandum? I think that if we continue like this, this limit will be erased, like the ripples created by throwing a pebble on the surface of water.

We should not forget that we live in the Caucasus region and at the same time we are building a free democratic state with European values and national identity. With this, we want to become attractive in the region. One of the main goals is to regain the role of the leading state in the region, as it has been since time immemorial. It is impossible for us to realize this if we cannot maintain the balance, which, on the one hand, involves the construction of European political institutions, the establishment of European political culture, and, on the other hand, the preservation of our sovereignty and independence.

I consider it completely unacceptable the pressure of the European ambassadors, the majority of the parliament, the executive power to interfere in the work of the judiciary and thus protect the main law of the country - the constitution, based on the unilaterally signed memorandum of Dream. If you want the truth, the memorandum should be signed by all the opposition parties first, only then by the ruling party, although this is the matter of the ruling party. But in any case, this document would not be superior to the Constitution and a guiding document for state institutions.
The ruling party makes mistakes after mistakes, with its inconsistency, as a result of which the political situation that reigns in Georgia today has been created.

At the same time, I express my sorrow for the natural disaster caused by the floods in Europe and in your homeland - Belgium.
I want to be with you and stand by your side, despite my age, if I can't do that, I'll stick by your side.

thank you very much.
Fridon Injia

Recent statements by individual members of the opposition are empty talk

"Recent statements by individual representatives of the opposition are empty talk. There are a lot of problems in the country and people are tired of mutual settlement. - Chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia spoke about this in the "Free Space" program on Adjara TV.

Fridon Injia: A great achievement was the Charles Michel Memorandum, which outlined the commitments of both the majority and the minority.

The chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia participated in the online conference jointly organized by the European Parliament and the Parliament of Georgia - "Rights and Duties of the Opposition in the Parliament".

"This is a very important conference that deals with the rights and duties of the opposition in the parliament. As for our work in the parliament, we are the first opposition party that made a decision to enter the parliament and participate in its work," said Fridon Injia.

The chairman of the political group believes that the transition to the boycott mode on the part of some opposition parties is not the right decision and it hurts both the party itself and the country.

"Regarding the issue of how parliamentary rights are protected in legislative activities, first of all, I would like to tell you that Charles Michel's memorandum was a great achievement, which spelled out the obligations of both the majority and the minority, and I must tell you that the first law, which It was adopted by the Parliament of Georgia, it was an exemplary code, where, in my opinion, the rights of the minority are protected as much as possible. Similar revolutionary electoral legislation has been adopted so far, and I think that the majority deserves a lot of credit for this, and I also want to express my gratitude to the Venice Commission, which provided us with a lot of help," said Fridon Injia.

Regarding the issue of how the rights of the opposition are protected in the parliament, Fridon Injia believes that it is significant that the leading positions of the parliamentary committees were held by the representatives of the opposition, which is also mentioned in Charles Michel's memorandum.

At the same time, according to Fridon Injia, in order for the work of the opposition to be even more effective, it should also be represented in the executive power.

"For the work of the opposition to be more effective, it should be represented in the executive power, both in ministries and municipalities. Of course, in this case, the opposition will not be in the majority, but until it becomes the majority, its rights and opportunities will be taken into account more and it will show more what the government needs, what the parliament needs. For this, certain quotas should be established for the opposition parties," said Fridon Injia.