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The political party "European Socialists" releases a statement

???? The political party "European Socialists" releases a statement.
???? The European Socialist Party is responding to reports of possible government rigging in the run-up to the October 30 run-off election by the ruling National Movement and its affiliates through party television or other media outlets.
???? "We believe that the ruling party has a big advantage before the second round of local self-government elections. "As a result of the polls and analysis conducted by our party, the Georgian Dream will win the second round of mayoral elections in all cities, as well as in the representative bodies of most municipalities," the party said in a statement.
➡ The political party intends to fight to the end and uncompromisingly in the district where the party's majoritarian candidate won the second round, and despite the election results, the party will return to a constructive opposition regime, both in the supreme legislative body and outside it.

The members of the political council of the party "European Socialists" discussed the draft state budget for 2022 with the First Deputy Minister of Finance.

???? Members of the Political Council of the Party of European Socialists discuss the draft state budget for 2022 with the First Deputy Minister of Finance 

Tamar Kiknadze, a member of the party's political council, spoke about the problems of students at the meeting and noted that the number of students whose status has been suspended due to non-payment of tuition fees is quite high.
"It would be good if the money left unused in the field of education last year was distributed to students who had their status suspended due to non-payment of fees, so that they could continue their studies." Noted Tamar Kiknadze.
During the meeting with the First Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze, the head of the party's Tbilisi organization Nato Arghvliani focused on the problems of IDPs in Georgia.
"Unfortunately, the state has no communication with IDPs, except for A.

Advice period. However, their existence is the most difficult, especially in the densely populated population. Today, in the 21st century, such living conditions are simply unimaginable. "It is difficult for me to convey the situation in which these people live," said Nato Arghvliani.
He stressed that financial assistance to IDPs is meager and unacceptable in the face of current inflation and rising prices.
 As Arghvliani noted, Abkhazia and Samachablo are a common pain and it is necessary to take concrete effective steps in this direction.
"Unfortunately, today the steps taken by the diplomatic corps are limited to concerns and are not enough. "First of all, it is necessary to have political will in terms of sorting out relations." Noted Arghvliani.

The issue of increasing financial assistance to veterans was also raised during the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Finance. As the party of European Socialists Political Council member Victor Tsaava noted We have been talking about the 22-GEL sacramental assistance for veterans for 9 years and the decision made by the Georgian government regarding veterans is important.
Koba Kiladze, an expert on economics and agriculture, who was invited to the meeting, said that the statistics of the programs operating in Georgia clearly show that they are involved in agricultural programs and a very small (insignificant) part of the rural population enjoys these benefits. Also noteworthy is the fact that most of the programs are focused on storing and processing primary agricultural products or even promoting the cultivation of perennial crops or the rehabilitation of existing ones.
 "We think that a special program (at least
Pilot), in which beneficiaries from this vulnerable group would be able to grow annual crops on their own plots, would allow us to increase the number of beneficiaries involved in a single agricultural project, which would lead to redistribution of program benefits to the general public and their involvement Said Koba Kiladze.

According to Giorgi Mikaia, an expert financier of the invited specialist, in order to stimulate the economy, it would be good to return the refinancing rate to the target in the conditions of high inflation.
"Is it possible to attract additional resources or support certain projects that would facilitate foreign direct investment, or to privatize privatized property more actively?" Giorgi Mikaia mentioned at the meeting.


"If we want to build a rule of law, all people, regardless of their political position, must be equal before the law."

???? "If we want to build a rule of law, all people, regardless of their political position, must be equal before the law."
???? Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia.
???? "If we want to build a rule of law, all people, regardless of their political position, must be equal before the law. What is happening today in Rustavi No. 12 Establishment, I think, is quite high risk, and there is a daily danger that the process will escalate into a civil confrontation. The role of the government and the firm position in relation to all the actions that are destructive are crucial here. "Unfortunately, there is no way to peace and law here."
???? It is inadmissible for any illegal action to be considered in a political context and for political activities to be a justification for accountability before the law.
???? That is why the government's principledness is to establish, once and for all, the rule of law and the principle of equality in the state, as it is in democracies.
???? If there was the rule of law and all the people who have committed crimes, it applies to all the perpetrators, whether you want to be in this government or you want in the previous government, to be punished, not even the number of people at the rally, not even a hundredth of it would come.
???? It would be good if, along with other analyzes, the government and the government as a whole would do an analysis of who was at the rally. And I would tell you one thing, they missed the order, even though the previous government tortured, killed, tied the dead in the morgue in the dark, it was one of the methods of punishment.
???? Despite everything, they came to the rally. Let's talk now - we are Europeans. No, we are Georgians. I am sure that Georgians will make the right choice and Georgia, which is on the brink of the abyss today, will survive.
???? Tomorrow, tomorrow will be what I tell you:
???? The rule of law, punishing all offenders;
???? Justice must be restored.
????I would like to quote the words of one famous person, a person in love with Georgia, a scientist, public figure Mr. Nodar Chitanava:
he says:
???? The man received great undeserved kindness from the government. In return, he clearly resents the reality, the government, and is willing to leave it at any moment if he is convinced that he is in a more lucrative position elsewhere…
The transition from a liberal economy to an economic policy where there is capitalism, but at the same time the population is socially protected by the state and takes responsibility for its well-being.
???? See all over Europe today are socialists!

Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" at the Plenary Sitting of the Parliament of Georgia

The 2022 state budget is not focused on systemic and institutional changes!
???? Isn't it time to create a new financial institution and develop new mechanisms to financially support the majority of the rural population!
???? Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia.
???? This draft budget is similar to the 2021 budget and I do not see any systemic and institutional changes in it that would be focused on increasing population incomes.
???? The investment projects implemented by the state, in particular, "Produce Georgia", cheap "Agro Credit", "Implement the Future" and other small grant programs, where the state largely subsidizes the interest rate set by commercial banks, are not bad, but It is completely insufficient for the broad strata of the population who want to develop their entrepreneurial activities and carry out their own business projects - this one, and the other - the state does not guarantee and does not ensure the sale of surplus produce from the peasant.
Up to 50% of the population in Georgia live in rural areas and they are completely excluded from the process of creating the country's common wealth. When there is wealth, then there is both export and import substitution. We will not have garlic from Algeria, or eggs from our neighbor Turkey. Thanks to them for not being left unpunished.
???? The above state investment programs are completely inaccessible to the vast majority of the rural population. These programs are available only to large entrepreneurs who meet the rather difficult conditions of commercial banks, or are available to those who own more than 5 hectares of land.
Until the government changes its policy towards ultra-liberal economic policies that rely on wild capitalism and do not take responsibility for the welfare of the population, it turns out that the government today is only committing to projects, but how these projects have changed the social status of the majority of the population. Does not take responsibility; If you take responsibility, then tell me - how? Or where is this responsibility ?!
???? A farmer who owns one hectare of land as he lived 20 years ago still lives today. What has changed for the peasant? Danny even has it constantly - if he did not pay before he pays now, ie. Increased payment. Road made - car he does not have. Pension increased - products and medicines became more expensive by 500% and what came out? ? ? …. (Congregation remained cheerful) არაფერი Nothing has changed for the peasant… As a result we have what we have and are in Machanchala countries as we were, but with great ambitions.
???? Is it time to think about creating a new financial institution and developing new mechanisms to financially support this large part of the rural population, so that they can carry out their economic activities, thus making a significant contribution to the creation of the country's gross domestic product, but for that the country must change The economic policy he is blindly pursuing is blindly because there is darkness ahead. It has been dark in this direction for the last 18 years.
???? Therefore, I consider it expedient to create a state investment financial institution (commercial bank) as one of the options, where the state will have a controlling stake and will take a higher risk compared to commercial banks, due to state interests, and will finance the activities of large sections of the population. , Development of farms and small entrepreneurship. For this, the law does not need to be changed, only the will is needed. Take for example the German banking system, not to mention Norway, the major European countries where the Socialists or the ruling party, or the second party, where there is capitalism and planning, where the refugee is socially protected from day one, not to mention the main population.
???? We must build a country where the state cares about the people and the population is socially protected.

On October 15, a meeting of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" with the First Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze was held in the country's legislature regarding the draft state budget for 2022.

???? On October 15, a meeting of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" with the First Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze was held in the country's legislature regarding the draft state budget for 2022.

???? "The draft state budget for 2022 is not focused on social security of the population. "If the state does not take the job of satisfying the people to some extent, and does not find ways to solve their problems, the 50% of the population living in rural areas will be in a very difficult situation," said Fridon Injia.

????According to the chairman of the parliamentary group "European Socialists", it is necessary to create a commercial state investment bank, which will aim to provide access to credit resources for the general public. "Why can not create a single state bank? In Norway, for example, there are no private banks at all and there are state-owned banks. Why can't one state bank be established in Georgia, through which the 10% that you finance will go to the state budget. This is one of the mechanisms and options in terms of increasing revenue. If we talk about increasing funding, etc. If income does not increase, in the state, nothing will happen. Here's talking about this mechanism that will come to that peasant and work for his well-being. Now it turns out that there are state programs, for those who have the financial means, and for those who do not have the finances, nothing goes with it, and second - whatever the state spends on financing, goes entirely to private banks. That is why private banks' profits are up to somewhere around $ 1 billion this year. If even half a billion GEL enters the state, it will be a lot of money for the country, ”Fridon Injia addressed Giorgi Kakauridze at the meeting.
According to him, if the state does not take care of the social security issues of the population, the situation in the country will be very difficult.
"The mayors and governors who are in the districts have no responsibility to the local people and they do not care about their well-being and these people have shifted to feeding themselves," said Fridon Injia.
???? Today's meeting was attended by invited specialists of the field together with the members of the political group.