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(Original) First of all, the authorities of Georgia are interested in the health of the prisoner Saakashvili - Fridon Indzhiya


"If someone wants to preserve the health of imprisoned Saakashvili, first of all, it is the government. I think that the government of Georgia is interested in him being healthy where he is now. Of course, the state is responsible for the protection and health of all prisoners... If something happens to the prisoner Saakashvili, and the state is to blame, it will be a big problem for the government and a negative image for the country as a whole," said the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya live on Alt-Info television.

The deputy emphasized that if the state cannot cope with the treatment of the prisoner, then the state itself must seek help from another country in order to deliver the necessary equipment, or medicines and everything necessary for the treatment of the prisoner...

"Of course, the parents will say, transport him abroad, but here the court must say its word, because this is an unprecedented case for Georgia, and whatever decision the court makes, it must be well argued, as this decision will be the subject of a long discussion" , - noted the deputy.

As for the plans of Mikhail Saakashvili at the time of his return to Georgia, Fridon Indzhiya stated that arrest and stay in prison were not part of his plans.

"Arrest was not in his plans, maybe it was in other people's plans, but I am sure on 100% that he did not think about arrest. He was confident that he would not be detained. "Maybe Saakashvili thought that the public opinion was already prepared, and they are waiting for him... Returning to Georgia without any plan is excluded, but what was the plan, it will be clarified," the deputy noted.

(Original) Head of «European Socialists»: "It is necessary to adopt a law on slander, insult and treason..."


"It is necessary to adopt a law on slander, insult, high treason, it is necessary to protect what is called faith, whether it is our Christian faith, or the faith of our Muslim brothers, or the faith of other nations living in Georgia for centuries," he said at the plenary session of the Parliament. Head of "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya.  

According to his words, amnesty should be prohibited by law in the case of serious crimes, whether it is state treason or a similar unheard-of crime committed "by these inhumans against a nun, or connected with an insult to the faith, or with the strategic interests of the country."

"Unheard-of violence against the nuns of the monastery is a crime that surpasses any devil and crosses all sides." All this was caused by the pseudo-liberal policy that continued for the last 30 years and continues today by brainwashing our youth.

These two are the outcasts of society, because they are recognized as citizens of our country. Look with what indifference, shamelessness and self-confidence they sat in the courtroom, as if nothing had happened. At the same time, all these years they lived among us, went to weddings, to funerals, they have parents, sisters, brothers, maybe even children.

As a result, we got this: the campaign against the church is ongoing. The pseudo-liberals responded with an "orchestrated storm" to the logical and argumentative arguments of the press service of the Patriarchate. It turns out that freedom of speech and expression of opinions can only apply to the party journalistic "caste", and representatives of the Orthodox Church, in respect of whom the love and trust of the people are unlimited, do not have the opportunity to express their opinion and position.

There are threats to burn down the Patriarchate, this is an unprecedented pressure on the servants.

Colleagues, everyone should understand what all this can lead to. Therefore, it is necessary to accept the law on slander, оскорблении, treason. Зачистим веру, буду то наша христинаская вера, или вера наших братьев-сульмен, или вера других народов, веками живущих в Грузии. The law should prohibit the amnesty of convicts who have committed serious crimes, and in respect of whom the sentence has already entered into force", - said Fridon Indzhiya.

(Original) "European Socialists" took part in the seminar of the Embassy of China in Georgia


At the invitation of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Chinese People's Republic to Georgia, the chairman of the parliamentary political party "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya and the members of the Political Council took part in a seminar at which the topics of the 20th Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China were discussed.

In particular, the programs for the further development of China include: "Formation of the higher system of the socialist market economy", "Formation of the modern production system", "Program of all-round stimulation of the village" and many other directions.

(Original) Vice-speaker Avtandil Enukidze - Irakliyu Garibashvili: Generations will appreciate the fact that Georgia did not engage in war during your tenure as Prime Minister


"Years will pass, and generations will positively evaluate the fact that during your tenure as the country's prime minister in this tense situation, Georgia did not engage in war. Thank you for saving the country today, not entering the war.

This was stated by the member of "European Socialists", the vice-speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Avtandil Enukidze, during the interpellation hearings in the highest legislative body of Prime Minister Iraklia Garibashvili.

«It is absolutely correct that the sanctions were not introduced. First, that's what our country needed, and secondly, if you draw a parallel with what they say, the alleged liberation of criminals will contribute to depolarization, then the introduction of these sanctions would not contribute to the situation we have. In particular, 30 kilometers away is the Russian army, which can turn against us..."

"They blame you for visiting Asian countries... It's good that your visits are carried out in Asian countries, because we had authority in these countries, which was lost, and this authority is already being restored. If you are looking for investments to attract to the country, whether it is from Asia, Africa or any other country, let no one limit us in this. I see one thing behind it - they don't want the development of our country".

"Some people don't like attacks on ambassadors... I don't think these are attacks." If the ambassador says something that is not acceptable for my country and it is necessary to respond, it is necessary to do it. If we deal with a misunderstanding, it will also be clarified", Avtandil Enukidze said.

(Original) "European Socialists" discussed the project of amendments to the Election Code of Georgia with the delegation of the OSCE-ODIHR and the Venice Commission


During the meeting of the members of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" with the delegation of the OSCE-ODIHR and the Venice Commission, MPs Fridon Indzhiya and David Zilpimiani emphasized the importance of switching to an electronic electoral system and eliminating the illegal use of administrative resources during the elections.

As noted by the head of "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya, the most important change provided by the draft law is the introduction of the electronic voting process and counting of results. At the same time, the tightening of the law regarding the use of administrative resources is also important.

«I believe that doubling the fines for the use of administrative resources in the pre-election period will not be effective. More strict measures are needed. Those who attempt to commit an illegal act no longer have the right to work in the public service and must serve a sentence in prison. In case of doubling the fine, this fine will be paid by the customer, not the executor", noted Fridon Inzhiya.

According to him, it is necessary to change the procedure for electing the chairman of the Central Committee, which is currently being elected for a period of 6 months due to the fact that the parliamentary majority cannot gain the necessary 90 votes.

"This is abnormal - we elect the government with 76 votes, and the chairman of the Central Committee with 90 votes. This is a step back for the ruling party and the result of its inconsequential actions," the head of the socialists said.

Deputy David Zilpimiani emphasized at the meeting that electronic elections solve all problems related to elections, if they include not only the process of electronic voting, but also electronic identification of the voter, the so-called video image.

"The main emphasis is on the 5-percent electoral barrier, which remains unchanged to this day. I advocate lowering the barrier to approximately 2.51 TP2T, which will be a good chance for small parties, and for subjects who have crossed the threshold, it will become an opportunity to form their own group or faction," said David Zilpimani.