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The chairman of the political group believes that in this case, when nothing is certain yet, a resolution in support of Ukraine is premature.

📍 Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists", stated at the sitting of the Parliamentary Bureau the position of the political group on the draft resolution prepared by the Parliament on the developments in Ukraine.

🔷 The chairman of the political group believes that in this case, when nothing is certain yet, a resolution in support of Ukraine is premature.

🔷 According to Fridon Injia, if the country's highest legislature finally decides to vote on the draft resolution, the political group will submit a draft resolution prepared by the "European Socialists" to parliament for consideration.

Fridon Injia, Chairman of the European Socialists, live on the Georgian Times

დ The Chairman of the Parliamentary Opposition Political Group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia spoke on the Georgian Times about the ongoing processes around Ukraine and the position of Georgia.
დ Fridon Injia believes that the events in Georgia in 2008 are mirrored in Ukraine.
🔷 "Two big" monsters "find out about each other and you blow your nose. At the same time, you do not even know what they are talking about, you do not know what the United States wrote to Russia in a closed response. "It may be written that you want to become a foreigner. Ukraine is in a difficult situation, but Ukraine is in the background, so to speak.
🔷 According to him, Georgia should learn lessons from history and draw conclusions.
ოთ "Let's look at what happened in 2008… Lesson, we have to make a conclusion, we were warned როდესაც When Erosi Kitsmarishvili brought this story, the next day he met me and told me that it was a difficult situation, I could not keep our testimony here. Is it mirrored? "At that time in 2008 these weapons were coming from all countries, now they are coming from all countries, but some NATO members said that we will not participate and will withdraw our troops here at all. These are Croatia, Bulgaria. Do we have to draw a conclusion?" Said Fridon Injia .
. As for Western sanctions, the chairman of the political group believes that it will not harm Russia much.
"If no chips are given to Russia, a Yaroslavl peasant or worker is not interested in your chips at all, or even if the Russian leadership does not go shopping on the Champs Elysees, nothing will happen," said Fridon Injia.

"European Socialists" met with the candidate for the chairmanship of the Central Election Commission, Giorgi Kalandarishvili

პოლიტიკურიParliamentary Political Group - "European Socialists" met with the candidate for the chairmanship of the Central Election Commission, Giorgi Kalandarishvili and talked about his future visions and planned activities to improve the electoral process.
🔷 According to the chairman of the political group, Fridon Injia, it is unacceptable for the European Socialists to elect a chairman of the Central Election Commission for a term of six to six months if the candidate fails to win the support of at least two-thirds or the majority of the full parliament.
. “The Central Election Commission is one of the most important institutions in the country, which should be independent and impartial. We talked about the future plans of the Central Election Commission. We also talked about a survey conducted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which shows that trust in the work of the Central Election Commission is undermined. We consider this as one of the indicators of how the CEC works. "At the same time, we had a question about how correct it is that if a candidate fails to get the support of 90 votes of the members of parliament, the chairman will be elected for only 6 months, when the parliament elects judges with 76 votes for life," said Fridon Injia.
. “After listening to all the candidates, we will decide who we will support. A priori we can only say that it is unacceptable for us to elect a chairman of the Central Election Commission for six or six months. "Practically, the election marathon starts once every three months, and instead of this agency concentrating on serious changes in the election process, we actually get a constant marathon of who will become the chairman," said David Zilfimian.
Giorgi Kalandarishvili, the candidate for the chairmanship of the Central Election Commission, expressed his hope that he will become the chairman elected with multi-party support, because there are all preconditions for that.
. “I have been, am and will be open to any constructive, business-like meetings and relationships, not only with the election of the CEC chairperson, but with any issues that are important to the electoral process and procedures. "During the meeting, there was a constructive criticism of our activities in order to further improve the work of the administration, its development and further transformation," - said Giorgi Kalandarishvili.

Georgia should have a multi-vector foreign relations - Fridon Injia.

🇬🇪 Georgia should have a multi-vector foreign relations - Fridon Injia.

🔷 "The initiative to draft a resolution on the events in Ukraine was taken by a certain part of the opposition parties, which I would say is a destructive opposition. For a year, they practically did not participate in parliamentary activities. However, they took part some outside, some in Parliament, some on the street. "Instead, they are being paid in full," said Fridon Injia, chairman of the European Socialists parliamentary group, during a live broadcast on Alt Info on Comments Day.

🔷 According to him, this part of the opposition wants to cause unrest in Georgia. They tried to prove that the 2020 parliamentary elections were rigged, but they did not succeed. After which they raised the issue of holding a series of by-elections, which also failed. They were left with only to try their best to create unrest in the country and use the situation in Ukraine for that.

🔷 "No country has made any request for support or any other appeal regarding Ukraine. We even run first. this time. "Maybe something is wrong with us, maybe we came out with Ukraine and get involved in this big misunderstanding," said Fridon Injia.

.🔷 "Our party believes that we should be dignified. Let's keep an eye out… Some ray of light also appeared in relation to Russia. For example, 3 + 3 format, direct air traffic was restored. With the policies that our government has pursued, there have been some achievements in the economic direction. I mean, the gross domestic product exceeded two marks. Can you imagine? While there is no diplomatic relationship, there is economic activity, and there is some progress in that direction. If this relationship had existed 2-3 years ago, this figure would have been twice as high. We, with our policy, took out of the pockets of our population what income they could get. This is betrayal. This is what is hitting our country, "said Fridon Injia.

🔷 "Ukraine is a close country to us, a brotherly country. But it is not as fraternal as Ukraine for Russia. Every second Ukrainian family has relatives in Ukraine and vice versa, every second Ukrainian family has relatives in Russia. However, we are very good friends. I will tell you more, when there was a war in Abkhazia and the refugees were being transferred to Mestia, then the Ukrainian pilots stood by us selflessly. Even now, we stand by the Ukrainians in every sense. No need to supply weapons. On the contrary, we must do everything we can to keep the fire burning. This is our task, "said Fridon Injia.

🔷 As for the resolution, he believes that Georgia should refrain at this stage and monitor developments.

🔷 "Our interest is clear to everyone. These are economic issues, those lost territories, the socio-economic situation of our country. Our party believes that in this case it is better to refrain from any statements and resolutions so as not to harm ourselves. If the opposition registers the draft in parliament, then our political group will also register our version of the draft resolution. This resolution calls for, of course, that all sovereign states have sovereign rights, that the country has the right to unite in any organization, in any political or military union. This should be the sovereign right of every independent country. Whether they will accept these ten countries in this or that organization is another matter. It is already important here what conditions are being talked about and so on. "- said Fridon Injia.

🔷 According to the chairman of the "European Socialists", the policy pursued for 30 years in the country has not yielded results.

🔷 "We have lost territories. The country was destroyed. There are deliberate actions on the part of the "National Movement" to block all the right decisions. The National Movement has been managing this for 18 years. Why am I saying this? "Georgian Dream has been under siege for 9 out of 18 years and they are trying their best to block all the right decisions," he said.

🔷 Asked by the host of the show whether the existing propaganda and mass media influence the formation of a wrong opinion in the society, in the opinion of Fridon Injia, of course, to a certain extent it reflects on the public opinion.

🔷 "The propaganda in the media today has a great impact on public opinion, but I am sure we will come to our senses and survive. Propaganda has a great impact on society. The media is in their hands. Nevertheless, there are people in the Georgian society who see the existing reality correctly and we will survive. For centuries there were empires and nothing was left of them and we, too, survived. Therefore, I think we will come to our senses and we must do what is acceptable for Georgia today and is beneficial. This relationship should be with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, America. "We must have a multi-vector relationship, as it is in our party charter," said Fridon Injia.

Fridon Injia live on Alt Info TV

🇺🇦 "The current situation in Ukraine does not apply only to Ukraine, it concerns the whole world. The current situation in Ukraine is almost similar to that in Georgia in 2008. "If we analyze it well, this is the situation," said Fridon Injia, chairman of the European Socialists parliamentary group, during a live broadcast on Alt Info on "Day Commentary".

👉 In his view, today anyone who wants war and tension is supplying arms to Ukraine. At this time Russia unequivocally says that it is not going to war there.

🔷 "In principle, Zelensky (President of Ukraine) also said that there is no possibility of war. But there is such a large amount of military equipment on the territory of the Ukrainian state and there are extreme groups, be it the right sector, or else, there are many groups that may not be completely under the control of the Ukrainian government and one day they may launch an attack on the territory. Goes the conversation. In that case, Russia may respond to some extent, its citizens are there, "said Fridon Injia.

🔷 According to him, the issue of Ukraine in relation to Russia is in the second place. He sees where the weapons are on the territory of Ukraine. He is bothered by areas he cannot control. These countries are Romania, Poland and the countries of Eastern Europe from which it can take blows. He is defending his state.

🔷 "Germany has stated its position. He banned Estonia from importing weapons. Bulgaria has refused to deploy NATO troops on its territory. "Croatia has generally said that it will withdraw its troops from NATO, so there is no unanimity in Europe," said Fridon Injia.

🔷 "America, which has great power and great authority today, does not want to give up its interests so easily, but nevertheless, it asks Russia not to make its answers public. This, in turn, indicates something. That the answer be not public but confidential. It reminds me of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. However, part of it was public and some part was closed, which became known 50 years later, "said Fridon Injia.

🔷 In his opinion, the situation in Ukraine is more conjunctural, from different states, ie those who arrange this tension. Except for the Ukrainian people, except for Georgia, except for the countries that are close to Ukraine.

🔷 "It was like that in 2008. Technology was coming. Georgia was filled and then what the "National Movement" did is well known to everyone. "Then they handed over part of this equipment and sold part of it, and the status that it is today was signed," said Fridon Injia.

🔷 "Maybe tomorrow someone will start a war there, from the Ukrainian side, and this will be followed by the withdrawal of Donetsk, Lugansk. I mean, they declared independence, but in 2016, when there was the Minsk agreement, they backed down from their decision and said that if Ukraine writes in the constitution that these constituencies will have a special status, we are ready to be part of Ukraine. "The only way out of this situation now is for Ukraine to abide by this agreement reached in Minsk," Fridon Injia said.

🔷 According to him, the agreement is signed by France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. This is already Europe. They take the responsibility to make the state of Ukraine federal and thus this part will be exhausted. But it is difficult to say whether a final agreement will be reached, but it will be a matter for consideration.

🔷 "I am convinced that the United States and Russia will find common ground. "Because in the end, no one is planning a war," said Fridon Injia.