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Press conference of "European Socialists"

Statement of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" regarding the current events around Ukraine.

The parliamentary political group held a press conference in the supreme legislative body.

  • We, the European Socialists, are deeply concerned about the possible military escalation in Ukraine. We oppose actions that could be taken against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any sovereign state. Military escalation in Ukraine will threaten not only the region but also world peace and security;
  • We uphold the principles of international order and internationally recognized principles of international law, including the principles of the inviolability of borders, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the State. Also, the sovereign right of the state to join any international, political, economic or military organization.           
  • We are in favor of recognizing and establishing the principles of peace and cooperation in international relations;
  • We therefore call on the parties directly or indirectly involved in the conflict to exercise restraint;
  • We believe that the prevention of military escalation in Ukraine should be the main concern of the international community, which will be possible through the implementation of the "Minsk Agreement" and the "Normandy format" decisions;
  • In view of all the above and in the interests of the state of Georgia, we appeal to the Government of Georgia to use all diplomatic means and to engage as much as possible in the peaceful easing of military escalation in Ukraine.

"We will not support the harmful resolution of our country"

📌"No country in the world has yet adopted a resolution on Ukraine," said Fridon Injia, chairman of the European Socialist parliamentary group.

🔷 Fridon Injia believes that if Georgia's supreme legislature passes a resolution on Ukraine, it should be a good resolution for Georgia.

🔷 "I believe that if a resolution is made, it should be for the good of our country. Moreover, with the resolution, we should not be a party, and if we are a party to any other country and you want to be with Russia, with us, the events of 2008 may continue on our territory, and these events may begin in Ukraine as well. This I do not want. "We do not want a war," said Fridon Injia.

🔷 In his opinion, this situation may be good for some, but it will not be good for Georgia and the Georgian people, nor for Ukraine.

🔷 "We do not need a war and we should not support it. On the contrary, we should call for siding. The war will be devastating for the region and, above all, for Ukraine. I do not want our country to find itself in such a situation, "said Fridon Injia.

🔷 According to the chairman of the parliamentary political group, the calm that has been established over the years, and what has been achieved in the hands of this government, it would be really wrong to lose it.

🔷 "Some ray appeared in the direction of relations, the unification of our country. I am referring to Russia's statement that calls for the return of the 1997 status quo (these countries, these territories and many others). It should be noted that the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was Russia's representative to the UN in 1997, and he affirmed and voted that Georgia is a united country with its Abkhazia, Samachablo and all the rest. "This is the most important thing for us, and they can benefit us in this statement, and with this resolution, which no other country has done, we will not find ourselves in a state of confrontation and will not side with anyone," Fridon Injia said.

🔷 He said that if there is something in the resolution that could harm the current situation in the country, and there is no thing that Georgia can use for the benefit of the country in the future, of course, as Fridon Injia points out, his political group will not support it.

🔷 "We will not support a resolution against our country," said Fridon Injia.


The office of our party "European Socialists" includes an appeal of a group of voters in the Georgian media regarding specific discriminatory facts. The case concerns obscene language broadcast live on television, directed at people of Russian nationality.

In particular, on April 1, 2021, Kakha Gogidze, a guest actor of the studio on Pirveli TV, made xenophobic statements about people of Russian nationality. He also called on Georgians to make Russian tourists feel threatened during their relations. He repeatedly used the word "pig" as a national symbol. All this was "justified" on the topic of occupation. Part of the quotes: The land should be burned by all Russians, Russian tourists are not here! "- Jerry should have given a gun to these pigs!" , Insulting statements to Russian citizens ("All Russians are pigs", etc.).

According to the international obligations of Georgia and the Constitution of Georgia, it is inadmissible to discriminate and insult a person on any grounds, including national or ethnic ones. The relevant amendment is made to the Law on Mass Media (Article 14, Article 56), which states that:

1) It is prohibited to broadcast programs in a way that poses an obvious and direct threat of inciting any form of racial, ethnic, religious or other incitement, discrimination against any group or incitement to violence.

2) It is prohibited to broadcast programs that focus on the physical abilities, ethnicity, religious worldview, gender, etc. of a person or group. Unless this is necessary given the content of the program and is intended to illustrate the existing conflict.

We understand that it is physically impossible for TV presenters to restrain live broadcasts, but in our opinion, the presenter is obliged to point out to the guest the need to obey the law and make appropriate comments, while the TV management apologizes to the public for its hate speech. In the above cases, however, this did not happen.

The citizens who have approached us are going to go to court for the above facts of ethnic discrimination and violence. We, as a European values party, and I personally, as a Member of Parliament, wonder if it is possible for the Communications Commission to investigate these facts and protect citizens' rights. Then a court hearing may not be necessary.

The letter was sent to the relevant human rights organizations and structures to respond.

After Saakashvili's release, the controversy will culminate in the country. The last stage of this culmination will be the bloodless transfer of power, as it happened in 2003.

???? After Saakashvili's release, the controversy will culminate in the country. The last stage of this culmination will be the bloodless transfer of power, as it happened in 2003.

???? We will start a new life, with an old new government. Here, then, we will see a new attitude towards terror and torture, under the banner of democracy!

???? Speech of Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" at the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia.

???? Lately we often hear different statements about reconciliation. Mostly, these statements are made by the representatives of the "National Movement".

???? What is the purpose of these calls? They ask the question - what should we not reconcile? This will bring stability to the country! This relieves polarization and so on. , But at the same time do not talk about what the main task they want to solve by doing so. This is Saakashvili's release.

???? In addition, some political parties, from their own group, are trying to reach early elections. And they sincerely want it, because Saakashvili's primacy is unacceptable for them.

???? In the first option, judging by the demands of the indigenous nationalists, what will we get by releasing Saakashvili? It will be a manifesto, a pardon or a new memorandum from Charal Michel

???? After Saakashvili's release, he will, of course, no longer remember repentance at all, and the controversy will culminate in the country. The last stage of this culmination will be the bloodless transfer of power, as it happened in 2003. This process will be called by name, it will not be difficult.

???? As for the second option - early elections, in fact, it is not considered, and is used only for statements, which is why these small parties form factions in parliament, and that is very good.

???? Going back to the first option, what comes out? - Saakashvili will repent, even if he repents (it is a question), he will apologize, we will release him and start a new life with the old new government. Here, then, we will see a new attitude towards terror and torture, under the banner of democracy!

???? I ask "Dream": if you get involved in this game and give up, what are you going to do with the more than 9000 convicts in prisons?

???? Did they commit a crime that Saakashvili did not commit?

???? These will be: murder of a person, physical injury, rape, robbery, sale of land, theft, racketeering, illegal crossing of the border, hooliganism, slander, blackmail, bribery, misappropriation of other people's property, human rights abuses, desperation of families, physical abuse Swindling - as if starving, simulation - as if he has mental aberrations - showed us a second kamo, thus he surpassed these convicts. And here I will single out the main crime with which Saakashvili overtook more than 9000 convicts - that is - treason.

???? He will gladly repent and apologize to more than 9,000 convicts, and, what turns out? Should we release them? Let us include such an article in the law - "Apology and Repentance".

???? Our country will be the first to respect the concerns of some foreigners so much that it will postpone its law and constitution ებთ We will get a country that will be at the peak of humanity and democracy. Everyone will be sensible in the wash, however, some will manage to jump on Saakashvili's train, which will be the second train after 2003 - number 2022.

???? Hold another memorandum or manifesto or another pardon, and move on - wrong to the EU!

???? I think, colleagues, that we will achieve depolarization if one of the institutions of the country, which is accountable to the parliament, namely the prosecutor's office, boldly removes from the shelves all the cases - new or old, which have been dusted for a long time. Otherwise, we will remain at a level of total concern.