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Address by Avtandil Enukidze at the extraordinary sitting of the Parliament

The Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Avtandil Enukidze, a member of the European Socialist Parliamentary Political Group, thanked the members of the Government for their timely response to the urgent response of the population. In connection with the letters received.

Avtandil Enukidze called on the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili to clean the state structures from the employees who do not spoil the work but do nothing. According to Avtandil Enukidze, this category of people who work in state structures have switched to "industrial bribery".

Fridon Injia drew attention to the final conclusion of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry into the Parliamentary Elections at the Plenary Session

Fridon, chairman of the European Socialist parliamentary group Injia At the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Parliament of Georgia, he focused on the final conclusion of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry into the October 31, 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

Fridon Injia: Tamar Zhvania's resignation was unexpected

The chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia calls Tamar Zhvania's decision to resign from the position of the chairman of the Central Election Commission unexpected.
"Tamar Zhvania's decision to resign from the position of the chairman of the Central Election Commission was really unexpected for everyone. I, as a member of the temporary investigation commission of the parliamentary elections of the Parliament of Georgia on October 31, got to know and studied the materials presented in connection with the elections in great depth. Therefore, I can confidently say that on the part of Tamar Zhvania's office, there was no falsification of the parliamentary elections of October 31, if we do not count only small flaws and technical errors," Fridon Injia said.
 According to him, it should be noted that on July 8, the investigative commission will present a conclusion and a draft resolution regarding the results of the commission's work, according to which the commission has already developed certain recommendations to the election commission.
"I can evaluate the work of the commission as an important process that gave us the opportunity to study the issues of specific election precincts in depth. The commission is in its final stage, and I think the developed recommendations and suggestions will be important for the future work of the Central Election Commission," said Fridon Injia.
The chairman of the political group "European Socialists" believes that the campaign of curses and insults directed at Tamar Zhvania was wrong.
 "I personally apologized to Tamar Zhvania during the meeting of the Investigative Commission in the Parliament for the great pressure, cursing and insults that were directed at her during the entire election process and after it. I believe that this was a wrong behavior towards Tamar Zhvania, and such statements really did not belong to her," Fridon Injia said.
According to him, this demonstration could have been conducted much better, but there were many objective reasons for this, as it was, the pandemic, the political situation in the country, controversy and pressure from various groups to realize their party goals. This is where the pressure on the Central Election Commission came from.

Fridon Injia met with the candidates of Tbilisi District Election Commissions

Today at the central office of the party "European Socialists" a meeting was held between the chairman of the party Fridon Injia and the candidates of Tbilisi district election commissions.
 At the meeting, the issue of appointing candidates in Tbilisi districts of local self-government in 2021 was discussed. A two-month work plan of the party was also developed.

Members of the "European Socialists" express deep sorrow over the tragedy of the flood in Western Europe

Members of the European Socialist Party express their deep sorrow over the flood tragedy in Western Europe, Belgium, Germany and France, in which dozens of people have died and are still missing.
The party "European Socialists" releases a statement.

"Members of the political party 'European Socialists' express their condolences to the countries of Western Europe, where the floods have had dire consequences.

"The party expresses its deep sorrow and solidarity with the Belgian, German and French people over these tragic events," the statement said.