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The chairman of the political group "European Socialists" of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia called the decision of the Constitutional Chamber of Georgia on October 16 unprecedented, according to which the Constitutional Court accused the country's president Salome Zurabishvili of violating the Constitution of Georgia.

📍 საქართველოს პარლამენტის პოლიტიკური ჯგუფის „ევროპელი სოციალისტების“ თავმჯდომარემ ფრიდონ ინჯიამ უპრეცედენტო უწოდა საქართველოს საკონსტიტუციო სასამარლოს 16 ოქტომბრის გადაწყვეტილებას, რომლის მიხედვითაც საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლოს პლენუმმა დაადასტურა ქვეყნის პრეზიდენტის სალომე ზურაბიშვილის მიერ საქართველოს კონსტიტუციის 52-ე მუხლის პირველი პუნქტის „ა“ ქვეპუნქტის დარღვევის ფაქტი.

🔷„მინდა თქვენი ყურადღება გავამახვილო საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლოზე და ზოგადად საქართველოს სასამართლო სისტემაზე. სასამართლო სისტემა, რაც არის, სახეზეა, და თუ რომელიმე პოლიტიკურ პარტიას სურს შეცვალოს იგი, მოვიდეს ხელისუფლებაში და გამოასწოროს დღეისთვის არსებული ნაკლოვანებები. რა თქმა უნდა, სასამართლო სისტემაში არის ნაკლოვანებები, და ეს ყოველთვის იქნება, მაგრამ მთავარი ის არის, რომ ცხოვრება წინ მიდის და ქვეყანა ვითარდება. სასამართლო სისტემა და საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლო წინა ხელისუფლების შემდეგ ათასჯერ შეიცვლა და იგი ბევრად უკეთესი გახდა“,- განაცხადა ფრიდონ ინჯიამ პარლამენტის პლენარულ სხდომაზე.

🔷 პოლიტიკური ჯგუფის თავმჯდომარეს მიაჩნია, რომ საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლოს მხრიდან, ფაქტიურად, გადასაწყვეტიც არაფერი ყოფილა, რადგან პრეზიდენტ ზურაბიშვილის მხრიდან ცალსახა იყო საქართველოს კონსტიტუციის დარღვევის ფაქტი.

🔷 „ამ დროს ჩვენ ვსაუბრობთ იმაზე, თუ რამდენად უსამართლო გადაწყვტილება გამოიტანა საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლომ. სასამართლოს მხრიდან დიდი გადასაწყვეტიც არაფერი ყოფილა, რადგან პრეზიდენტის მიერ კონსტიტუციის დარღვევის ფაქტი ისედაც ცხადი იყო. დაირღვა კონსტიტუცია, და სასამართლომ მიიღო შესაბამისი დადგენილება ამის თაობაზე. უნდა ითქვას, რომ ეს ერთ-ერთი უპრეცედენტო გადაწყვეტილებაა საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლოს მხრიდან“, – აღნიშნა ფრიდონ ინჯიამ.

🔷 დეპუტატმა მოუწოდა კოლეგებს თავი შეიკავონ ანტისახელმწიფოებრივი განცხადებებისგან, რომელსაც მხოლოდ ზიანის მოტანა შეუძლია ქვეყნისთვის.

🔷 „ჩვენ ხშირად ხელს ვიშვერთ ევროპისკენ. ევროპამ კი, თავისი პოლიტიკით იქამდე მიიყვანა საქმე, რომ ევროპაში მთლიანი შიდა პროდუქტის ზრდა 0,5 პროცენტიდან 0 პროცენტამდეა, ხოლო საქართველოში კი – 7%-ზე მეტი.
ნუ გავაკეთებთ ისეთ ანტისახელმწიფოებრივ განცხადებებს და ნუ გადავდგამთ ისეთ ნაბიჯებს, რომლებიც საქართველოს სამომავლო განვითარებას დააზიანებს და ნულამდე დაიყვანს მიღწეულ წარმატებას“, – განაცხადა ფრიდონ ინჯიამ.

The main directions of the program of the political party "European Socialists"

The main directions of the program of the political party "European Socialists" are:

The state model and form of government of the state of Georgia

Economic development model




Health and Social Security

Science and applied fields

Natural resource management

Industry and Manufacturing

Culture and Sports


State and Church

Neighborhood Policy

Banking, financial sector

Military industry and army

Diaspora issues

The main directions of the program will be approved by the political council of the party and it will be made public after the presentation.

The concept of "European socialists"

Georgian political party "European Socialists" main


Mission: Social Justice

The results of the last three decades of Georgian history have shown that the population of the country, both rural and urban, has been significantly impoverished. A large part of the population, mainly due to economic hardship, is leaving their homeland and looking for means of physical survival in different countries of the world. Time goes by in this search and it is lost forever for the country. The demographic situation has deteriorated catastrophically. According to 1989 data, 5.5 million people lived in Georgia, and today the country is virtually halved. Retirement insurance accounts for a quarter of the amount a retiree needs for deserving, secure and dignified old age. The rural population has lost the motivation to grow large quantities of agricultural crops due to the insecurity of the domestic key market, non-purchasing power and inaccessibility to the external market. The state is not responsible for the vital issue of rural survival. The level of education has reached a critical, one of the lowest levels in the world. If a promising young person appears, he / she will be in the center of attention of foundations and international organizations of different countries and will go abroad to study or work through certain mechanisms. And from there, in most cases, there is no going back. However, due to the lack of state ideology, family members of young people who have left often welcome this process, which leads to a steady decline instead of increasing social capital. The state does not even act to stop this process. The issue of territorial integrity, which is the foundation of any state's strength, prosperity, and sustainable development, has become irrelevant and secondary.

All this indicates that the state's domestic and foreign policy course needs to change. The interests of the country require a pragmatic, multi-vector foreign policy and the transition to a modern progressive socialist system built on the economic well-being and social equality of the people. To achieve this, the European Socialists have developed a program for the survival and rapid development of the country (see the full version on the website: According to which:

Georgia Must pursue a multi-vector foreign and domestic policy, share the experience of rapid economic development of successful countries (European, Asian, American) and take into account the interests of our country, historical, ethnic-religious, cultural and mental characteristics;

Georgia Must radically change its policy towards the diaspora. All Georgians living abroad must be Georgian citizens. We have no Georgians to lose. The train of Georgian blood and all those who will accept Georgia must be put in the service of the homeland;

Realized It should be noted that the property of the state is the property of the people and it is inviolable. As a result of in-depth study and analysis of the issue, through a general referendum, the concept of object of strategic importance of Georgia - land, water, natural resources, minerals, etc. - should be defined and established by law. Proceeds from this should be spent on the welfare of the people every year and not, as of now, practically flowed abroad or transferred to the property of a few dozen persons. The state should gradually, through redemption, or if necessary, other legal norms, regain all the strategic objects that will be included in this list;

Banking In order to regulate oligopoly in the sector, to provide free access to monetary services for the population, the state should establish a state commercial bank;
The law on land and natural resources needs to be significantly changed. First of all, uncontrolled issuance and alienation of agricultural lands should be stopped;

Sheer Water resources should become an object of special protection and control by the state. If we do not take care of our property and recklessly alienate everything, Georgia will lose its sovereignty, it will be transformed into a branch of transnational holdings and corporations, which are already governed from the outside and Georgia will remain only a geographical concept;

Vital The practice of holding referendums should be introduced in the country to address issues of importance. A referendum should be held within the framework of the unity and steadfastness of the country, by individual cities and municipalities, depending on the problems they face. The rules for holding referendums should be clearly defined and the procedure should be simple;

in Georgia The development of agriculture and processing industry should become a priority, the state should regulate the production of agricultural products in rural areas and guarantee the sale of surplus products. It should promote the creation of ecologically clean organic farms, which will significantly increase the demand for our country's agricultural products and create additional jobs;

Rural For demographic stability and further development, it is necessary to return the surrounding pastures and residential land resources to the village.

Healthcare It should be a priority area of the state, it should be accessible to the population and mostly free - state-funded, as in many European countries, most of the hospitals should be owned by the municipalities. Outpatient clinics should be restored to provide first aid in all villages;

The state, In turn, should create pharmaceutical production, which will be a regulatory mechanism of oligopoly and the population will be able to buy medicines at an affordable price;
Preschool, school and university education should be free - state-funded. Particular attention should be paid to the revival of fundamental science and the development of technological fields;

State Particular care should be taken by pensioners, people with disabilities and veterans. Their pension should be determined in the amount that will give them decent living conditions and means of rest;

With many children Families should be the subject of special care and stimulation for the country;

Energy This is an area that is one of the key determinants of future political and economic stability in Georgia, so the state should pay special attention to this area. Basic distribution methods and functions;

in country Monopolies on water, gas and electricity supplies must be prevented. The population should be able to choose from whom to buy it;

Artificially The main task of the country should be to resolve the current Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian conflict. New approaches need to be identified - a need for a direct negotiation regime with the participation of all stakeholders (internal or external);

County Service in the Armed Forces should be mandatory for all social strata. He should become a prestigious and proud young man and his family. They should enjoy the appropriate privileges. All young people, regardless of gender or social status, must undergo military service. It should be an important stage in the life of a young person, which will ensure the formation of a sense of love and devotion in the country and will be a business card for career advancement.

Of the above If implemented, we will adopt a model of statehood that ensures the unity of Georgia and rapid economic development, we will achieve an attractive, interesting country that will be a role model and acceptable to all. This will solve not only the political-economic, but also the demographic problem. This is a precondition for saving Georgia.

Approved by the Political Council of the Party "European Socialists" on August 28, 2021, Protocol №2021-08-42 (28.08.2021-15).

Party Chairman:
F. Injia

Priorities of the "European Socialists"

The main ideology of the party

The main ideology of the party is based on the national and patriotic spirit. In the future plan of the "European Socialists" the main place is occupied by the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the population, which will be the basis for the creation of a state based on the principle of social justice. The security of the country, nationality and the restoration of its territorial integrity are the main priorities of the party.

Foreign Policy

Georgia's integration into the Euro-Atlantic space is an irreversible path and there is no alternative to it. The party believes that the country's foreign policy should be focused on multi-vector politics and good neighborly relations. The political party intends to work closely with all international institutions, organizations to achieve the main goals of the party.

Priorities in the Parliament of Georgia

The main goal of the party will be to work actively to improve the socio-economic situation in the country and to oppose the government in a constructive environment. In this regard, various important bills will be initiated in the legislature.

Upcoming party plans

The political team of the "European Socialists" plans to spread party activities throughout Georgia and prepare for the local self-government elections with dignity.