The Vice-Speaker Of The Parliament Of Georgia, Avtandil Enukidze At The Meeting Of The Bureau Of The Parliament Called On The Country's Authorities To Take Measures Against Fascist Organizations In Georgia

The Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Avtandil Enukidze, at the meeting of the Bureau of the Parliament, called on the country's authorities to take measures against fascist organizations in Georgiaa.

"After the Nuremberg process, such a big forum has not been held in the world, which condemned fascist organizations and their presence everywhere. I don't know if you are watching or not, but the social network is full of information that someone named Giorgi Chelidze has already created a fascist organization and announced that they are starting to move and act in the cities.

According to the official resolution of the world, similar ideology is prohibited in the countries. Still, we have to wait for someone?... It is possible that this organization will be used against the country's government during the elections.

I urge you to look into this, otherwise this may stand out during the elections. Take action on it. If I were in power, I would take measures on this - even up to ban and arrest. This is a world resolution, didn't only the Russians accept it, if you don't consider this as a narrative. This was adopted by the Americans, the French, the English, etc. Why don't we react to this?" Avtandil Enukidze said.

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