European socialists will not support the draft law on deoligarchization – Fridon Injia

📍 “European socialists” will not support the draft law “on deoligarchization” – Fridon Injia
👉 The parliamentary political group “European Socialists” will not support the draft law “On Deoligarchization”.
🔴 Chairman of “European Socialists” Fridon Injia stated about this today during a remote meeting of members of the delegation of the Venice Commission with parliamentary political groups.
🔴 According to him, the main reason for this is that the draft law does not comply with the Constitution of Georgia, it is not sophisticated and, in addition, no civilized country has adopted a similar law.
🔴 “We will not vote for this bill in this form. It does not correspond to the supreme law of Georgia – the Constitution. This is the first factor.
Second, the right to fair consideration of the case and also the right to appeal the decision is a fundamental human right recognized by international law, which will be violated if the mentioned law is enacted,” said Fridon Injia.
🔴 According to him, the draft law is completely taken from the legislation of Ukraine, where there is a completely different reality, and in Georgia – another.
🔴 The MP emphasized that the crime of voter bribery in Georgia is already punished by criminal legislation.
🔴 “I want to draw attention to one interesting detail. In particular, if an oligarch meets the imaginary criteria and is included in the register of oligarchs, even in case of bankruptcy, it is impossible to remove this person from the register. This is not provided for in the law. While in the case of a convicted person, it is even possible to remove the conviction, but it is not possible to remove the bankrupt oligarch from the register,” Fridon Injia said.

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