Every state should have its sovereign and exclusive right to pass any law

🔴 Propaganda that can harm the strength of the Georgian family is unacceptable for the Georgian family. Therefore, it is important that the Parliament of Georgia regulates this issue at the level of legislation.

🔷️ We must protect the identity of our country.

🔷️ Every state should have its sovereign and exclusive right to pass any law.

🔷️ Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia announced this at an online meeting with representatives of the Venice Commission, where they talked about the constitutional draft “On Family Values and Protection of Minors”.

🔷️”I think that for a country like Georgia, with its history and traditions, it is important to make such changes in the country’s constitution.

🔷️ 10-15 years ago, if this issue was on the country’s political agenda, the population of Georgia would have been surprised, to the extent that this issue did not represent such a danger, especially for minors, as it is today.

🔷️The issue related to family values is important for all Georgian families, regardless of their national origin, because they have been living in one spirit for centuries, because they like the customs and even the rules of the game, so to speak, which are in Georgia, which come from time immemorial. But the time came and this issue was put on the agenda, which was accompanied by the great pressure that is happening in the world in relation to this issue, which in itself affected Georgia as well.” – noted Fridon Injia.

🔷️ According to the MP, people of other orientations do not have any problems in Georgia. They are not oppressed in the state.

🔷️ “Oppression of people of different orientation does not happen in our country. They may be a very small percentage in Georgia, and I think that it is not even necessary to count it. In relation to this issue, a personal and personal view is not interesting for the majority of our society, and this approach is acceptable for 95% of the population of Georgia.

🔷️ People of different orientations have always been in every country and will be again, and bringing this issue out in public, discussing and emphasizing it, especially in relation to minors, and even more so, its propaganda through television or other media, is unacceptable to us. In general, I think that the promotion of this is not good not only for Georgia, but also for the entire world.

🔷️Therefore, I believe that the issue of family values and protection of minors should be put to an end at the level of constitutional amendments. I consider pressure on minors to be a crime. Also, I support that any medical intervention related to sex change should be prohibited by law in Georgia.” – noted Fridon Injia.

🔷️ The chairman of the political group believes that being an oppositionist does not mean being in constant opposition to the government, and if any political force wants to come to power, it should win legitimately through elections.

🔷️ “As the chairman of the parliamentary opposition party, in many cases I have critical opinions regarding this or that decision of the government, which I confirm with appropriate arguments, but being in the opposition does not mean that you oppose the government in all issues.

🔷️The government is elected by the majority of the population of Georgia, through elections, and if any political party wants to come to power, it must win legitimately through elections, with its program, theses, and deeds, which will be acceptable to the population of the country.” – said Fridon Injia.

🔷️ In his speech, the MP drew attention to his initiative, which he voiced many times at the meetings held with the population in the regions within the framework of the general public discussion.

🔷️”Within the framework of the public debate, in which I personally took part, my proposal was that the name “Family Values” should be replaced by the term “Georgian Values”, because Georgian values include everything together – customs, traditions, culture, our identity. “- added the MP.

🔷️ The chairman of the political group answered the questions of the representatives of the Venice Commission after his statement.

🔷️ According to the deputy, the substantive and article-by-article review of the package of draft laws will take place during the committee hearings in the Parliament based on the amendments made after the general public hearings.

🔷️ “In relation to this or that law, every country should have its own sovereign and exclusive right. We adopt a law that is acceptable to our people. Regarding this or that law, first of all, it is the assessment of the population of Georgia that is important, not the opinion of the citizens of other countries,” said the deputy.

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