Fridon injia – Je suis sûr qu'il y aura au Parlement européen des parlementaires de principe et objectifs qui diront la vérité sur la Géorgie, qui est la seule, que la Géorgie mérite vraiment le statut de pays candidat à l'Union européenne.

📍 “I am sure that such principled and objective parliamentarians will be found in the European Parliament who will tell the truth about Georgia, which is the only one, that Georgia really deserves the status of a candidate country for the European Union.”
🔷 Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia announced this at a joint press conference with MEPs within the framework of an official visit to the European Parliament in Brussels.
🔷 “Many thanks to our colleagues, MEPs, representatives of the left wing, who invited us to the European Parliament. I thank them for giving us the opportunity to make Georgia’s voice heard from the high platform of the European Parliament.” – Fridon Injia said at the joint press conference.
🔷 According to the chairman of the political group, the progress of the country is visible today, and this, first of all, is continuous peace and economic achievements.
🔷 “We see the achievements that are currently in Georgia. First of all, it is peace and great economic progress on the basis of peace. The point is that the government of Georgia could have done more than it has done so far, but in this case we consider it a domestic matter of the state. Thanks to the policy and effective steps of the country’s government, the fact that Georgia, as always, is now an advanced and first country in the Caucasus region, both in terms of democracy and economic achievements.
🔷 The country was able to carry out reforms. If it were not for these reforms and the correct foreign policy, the country would not have an economic growth rate of more than 7%, which cannot be said about many advanced and developed countries in the world.” – noted Fridon Injia.
🔷 According to the MP, the desire of the Georgian people is to join the European family and share European values, and the Georgian people really deserve it.
🔷 “Georgia deserves the candidate status more than the countries that were granted this status earlier. It should be noted that the granting of the EU candidate status to Georgia has its opponents, and first of all, they are the representatives of the previous government of Georgia, who are doing everything to return the authoritarian regime in Georgia, which existed before 2012. But I have to tell you that it won’t work. I am sure that in the European Parliament there will be such principled and objective parliamentarians as our colleagues Mick Wallace and Claire Dale who will tell the truth, which is the only truth. It is peace and economic progress on the road to democracy that our government is pursuing. The ideas, the direction that our colleagues have, this is to save the country and Europe. I am sure that in the next parliament there will be more left-wing MPs.” – noted Fridon Injia.
🔷 As the chairman of the political group stated at the joint press conference, although “European Socialists” did not vote for the current government of Georgia, it should be noted that the government was chosen by the majority of the population of Georgia, which undoubtedly deserves respect.
🔷 “We “European socialists” did not vote for the current government of Georgia, but the government was chosen by the majority of the population of Georgia. Therefore, we respect the government of Georgia and in the last three years we have been convinced that they deserve to be at the head of the country, and I believe that the people of Georgia have made the right choice.
🔷 That’s why we are obliged to look the truth in the eyes and use this high tribune. Let’s firmly state that Georgia, with its government, deserves to be in the big family of Europe and for that to pass this important stage”. – said Fridon Injia.

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