Fridon Injia Once Again Called On The Country’s Authorities To Be Interested In The Activities Of Non-Governmental Organizations In Georgia And Their Sources Of Funding.

Fridon Injia once again called on the country’s authorities to be interested in the activities of non-governmental organizations in Georgia and their sources of funding.

Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia made this statement at the session of the Bureau of the Parliament of Georgia.

“I made a statement about the necessity of adopting a draft law on the activities of non-governmental organizations from the tribune of the Parliament on June 23 of last year, when the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili came to the Supreme Legislative Body with an annual report.
I had an initiative that the parliament should adopt a law regarding non-governmental organizations.

I would like to emphasize that the issues and the list of topics that I focused on in my speech are not reflected in the draft law presented by “People’s Power” (the draft law on the transparency of foreign influence) and I hope that it will be taken into account during the second hearing of the draft law.

In my speech, I mainly focused on the following issues:
Non-governmental organizations, whose funding of 88 million came from the United States alone, mainly made political statements and acted as political parties. They had already created structures as political parties. Therefore, on June 23 of last year, I thought that the appropriate law would be acceptable, which would frame the activities of these organizations, and I appealed to both the government and the parliamentary majority.

It should be noted that based on the interests of Georgia, our state finances various organizations, be they state organizations or others. And today, we see non-governmental organizations that are financed by another state, and why? .because the interests of that country include the financing of such non-governmental organizations, which raise the topics or issues of interest to these countries to us.

Now I am wondering how the interests of other countries coincide with the interests of my country? If this is one thing, then our state should finance such organizations, and if a foreign country pays 80-90 % to non-governmental organizations working in Georgia today, I wonder which country it is and what interests it has in relation to Georgia. This is one of the important issues.

Regarding the assessment that the draft law on non-governmental organizations is too soft, if there is such a draft law in the United States of America, which is a model country for the world, then let’s adopt exactly the same law. … cohabitation is still going?… what are we doing? … If we act in the interests of the state, the interests of the state should be pursued to the end, not halfway. A half-done job will not work.

If certain issues need to be tightened in the law, it should be tightened. For the last 30 years these organizations have been doing whatever they want and they have had complete freedom and power in their activities. Lami, officials were appointed at the level of ministers and public defenders and also many others. That’s why it’s enough.

If we want to have an independent country where the interests of our country will be protected, the interests of Georgia should be taken into account in absolutely all laws.

For the initiators of the bill, it would be good to review the issues that I had made in the list. It is good that after 8 months they came to the conclusion that such a law is necessary”.

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