Fridon Injia – President Zurabishvili Seems To Have Nostalgia For Rallies And Thus Wants To Show The Ruling Power That He Is The President Who Can Have His Say

Fridon Injia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group “European Socialists”, assesses the call of the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili to the people of Georgia to gather on June 16 from Europe Square to Rike as an attempt to divide the government into camps and a step against the government in general.

According to Fridon Injia, President Zurabishvili seems to have a nostalgia for rallies and thus wants to show the ruling power that he “represents a president who can have his say.”

The chairman of the political group stated about it in the live broadcast of the TV-radio program “Georgian Times” “Telegram”.

“I must tell you that every rally and gathering should have a purpose. In the current situation and at the stage where Georgia is today, all our steps, meetings, actions regarding the EU candidate status are very important and noteworthy, I would say tender. The president of our country was elected by the majority in the form of a “dream” and I consider it as one team. I return to the fact that every gathering should have a purpose. A few months ago, the president had the idea of reconciling the parties. Had meetings too, but nothing came out. I was convinced even then that nothing would come out of this idea, because the former and current governments are radically opposed. “Therefore, as long as there is no rule of law here and the perpetrator is not punished, there is no need to talk about any kind of reconciliation,” Fridon Injia said.

. As for the June 16 meeting announced by President Zurabishvili, as the MP noted, the purpose of this meeting is not clear.

. “In my opinion, I said from the beginning that the president and the ‘Dream’ are a government elected by one team. With this gathering, with this call, I think it is an attempt and again aimed at deepening this controversy. “This is an attempt to divide the government into camps, and in general, it is a step against the government,” said Fridon Injia.

According to the MP, Salome Zurabishvili wants the good for the country, but for that it is necessary to prepare properly, to talk and think in advance.

As for the European Parliament’s view on Georgia, when asked about this issue, the MP said that their vision was clearly reflected in the resolution seen by Georgia, which was signed by MEPs who do not even know exactly what kind of state Georgia is, parliamentary or presidential.

“Take for example the MEP Viola von Cramon, who still believes that the Prime Minister is happy, we have a resolution signed by such parliamentarians and Ms. Salome goes back to the era when she was happy,” said Fridon Injia.

As Fridon Injia noted, the lie written in the European Parliament resolution is unacceptable for him as a citizen of Georgia. According to him, this insult did not belong only to the ruling party, it belonged to the people and Georgia as a whole.

ამიტომ “Therefore, I would stay in Europe in place of Salome Zurabishvili until a final decision was made and I would do my best to get real information in countries that have less contact with Georgia. “Georgia really deserves EU membership status,” Fridon Injia said.

According to the MP, the rallies announced in the coming days in the country will not have any impact on the decision of the European Commission, which is working on the issue of Georgia.

“I think that Ms. Salome wants to show the government, the Georgian Dream, that she can also gather people. First of all, he is the president elected by the “Dream”. Ms. Salome is sometimes known for such inconsistent actions. For example, I would say that when Saakashvili appointed him Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a few months, they could not find a common language and thus he ended his term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. “Then there was the rally that Zurabishvili often reminds us that tens of thousands of people came to the racetrack to meet him, and it seems to me that he has nostalgia for this rally and thus he has to show the ruling power that he is a president who can say his word.” .

In his opinion, due to the powers given to the President of the country by the Constitution of Georgia, he needs to work more closely with the government in order to get results. Not only he as the president of the country, but also the country to get the result.

“Georgia’s achievements in European integration, be it visa-free regime, association agreement or trade agreements, all brought to Georgia by the team that elected Salome Zurabishvili.” – added Fridon Injia.

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