Fridon Injia – The Rule Of Law Should Become The Main Political Weapon Of The Georgian Government

The rule of law should become the main political weapon of the Georgian government;

The only goal of the non-governmental organizations, which are covered with the protection of human rights, is to remove the government;

Based on the current political cataclysms and the geopolitical location of Georgia, it is necessary to create a state emergency plan and a state reserve;

It is important to have a state pharmaceutical enterprise in the country, which will be a guarantee of price control;

Fridon Injia, the chairman of the political group “European Socialists” of the Parliament of Georgia, spoke about these and other important political topics during a live broadcast on “Season-TV”.

“On June 23, 2022, when Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili presented the annual report to the Parliament, I raised the issue of bringing the activities of non-governmental organizations, which are financed from foreign countries, into the framework of the law.

Today’s non-governmental organizations, which function in Georgia, they look like political organizations, and how does this manifest itself?

These non-governmental organizations make political statements;

They have created structures, just like party organizations;

They make calls against the government;

They make anti-constitutional statements;

The government, which is elected by the people, is opposed by organizations, already political in form, which are financed by different countries, based on their interests. Last year alone, non-governmental organizations received about 200 million in funding.

All this goes beyond the principles of non-governmental organizations’ work; Therefore, I asked to prepare a draft law on this issue.

Our political group is represented in the parliament by 4 deputies, and accordingly, if there was no support from the ruling party, we could not pass this law. And as for the radical opposition, which is fed from the same non-governmental organizations, we did not expect support from them.

8 months after my announcement, a group of deputies from “Georgian Dream” in the form of “People’s Power” introduced a draft law, which suddenly became unacceptable from the side of certain political parties and was evaluated as a Russian law.

It should be noted that in general, according to today’s practice, statements or bills whose initiative does not belong to the opposition, more precisely, are not presented by the “National Movement” and the parties included in it, all such projects are considered a Russian model.

“People’s power” in relation to the first version of the draft law, clarified that this is the American model, but it is a softened version. This is where our controversy with them started. We don’t need any softened model.

It is good that “People’s Power” once again introduced the American version of the draft law. Regarding the American law, it can be said that this law is quite experienced, it has come a long way since 1938 and it works effectively, it is adapted, and other countries have adopted a similar law based on this law, for example, Australia, Germany and so on” – noted Fridon Injia. .

According to him, “European socialists” will vote for the American model of the draft law, because he believes that the law in force in America is strict.

“We will support the American model of the draft law, which works, which is strict and not liberal. It is up to us to adopt a liberal law. It is liberal laws that have brought us to the present situation.

According to the American law, the state itself determines and approves which non-governmental organization is included in the register as an agent of a foreign country, and if it contradicts the law of the United States of America, such an organization can be prosecuted. American law is so strict.

We should take into account that the semi-law does not apply to certain groups of politicians who have taken over. I like this law with its strictness, because I believe that our society needs such a model of law.

I believe that non-governmental organizations should be engaged in the areas of child protection and protection of human rights, and who will refuse and who will resist that they carry out their activities in this direction, but today the only goal of non-governmental organizations covered with the protection of human rights is to remove the government”. – noted the chairman of the political group.

The deputy is sure that the radical opposition in the form of the “National Movement” and the parties included in it will not be able to achieve the goal of overthrowing the government.

“I doubt that the radical opposition will achieve any results with actions. Let’s go to the regions where there is no polarization. Today, the majority of the population of Georgia wants the socio-economic situation in the country to be in order, so that people have a normal salary and there is no increase in prices,” said Fridon Injia.

When asked by the journalist, how real is the danger that the situation in the country will become tense as a result of provocations by certain radical forces, which could cause destabilization and be the basis for the opening of a second front, the deputy noted that “unfortunately, such a danger exists and to prevent it, the government should become the main political weapon in the state the rule of law”.

“I agree with you that there is some danger, but the main political weapon for the Georgian government should be the rule of law.

Therefore, the relevant agencies should stand tall and confront all anti-constitutional actions with the law, thus the state and people will be protected. The government should react immediately to any unconstitutional action. We clearly see that, for example, the people who organized the August war in 2008, alienated, gave away or gave away 20% of the territories of Georgia, the same people are still acting today”, said Fridon Injia.

The chairman of the political group also evaluated the actions of the European Parliament and the United States of America, which is expressed in a certain pressure on the Georgian authorities.

“I would like to underline the resolution adopted by the European Parliament and note that this is not the first such resolution by the European Parliament. Let’s recall the recent resolution signed by 6 parliamentarians, some of whom are in prison and accused of corruption, while some are under investigation. Therefore, it is still unknown how many more parliamentarians will be accused of corruption in the future. They have their own interests.

And, as for the ambassador of the United States of America, he has his task and thus the country’s interests are clearly visible.

The deputy drew a parallel between today’s political situation and the political situation of 2003 and noted that the situation then and now is sharply illustrated.

“The events of 2003, which were called the “Rose Revolution”, were not a revolution, but a transfer of power. At that time, depending on the parliamentary elections, Saakashvili’s team demanded to add 7 or 8 votes, or to hold new elections. They had a complaint against the then “Citizens’ Union”, the ruling party, that the elections were rigged. Therefore, for them, the decision of Shevardnadze, who might have thought that blood would be spilled, took over and handed over the government, was quite unexpected, and this is clearly visible in the television footage, when they are very confused by this decision. So it was a different situation then. Today, the “National Movement” cannot win the elections, and this has been proven many times since 2012.

In addition, it should be noted that the situation was different in the previous parliamentary elections of 2020, it can be said that the “National Movement” party was more united and they really received up to 500 thousand votes.

As a result of the work of the temporary investigation commission for the 2020 parliamentary elections, it was determined that the errors that were observed by the investigation commission, in the end, could not have any impact on the election results.

Now the situation is completely different. The “National Movement” itself is divided into several groups, many leave the party altogether, and I am sure that this process will continue, and we see this every day. I think satellite parties will join the “National Movement” and there will be a reorganization, and I doubt that they will be able to have any influence on the next elections, which will be held in 2024.

The only danger here is that no special provocation happens and most importantly, we do not get involved in hostilities and a second front line does not open in Georgia.

Can you imagine if “National Movement” was in power today, Georgia would not exist. We would not have a double-digit economic growth, half of Georgia would be empty.

The main thing is to maintain peace, act and take all steps based on the interests of the country. As our neighboring countries do, Ager, Azerbaijan and Turkey will not go far. They use all the states of war that are going on in the continent based on the interests of their country. It will be trade turnover, correspondence, tourism and others. The government of Georgia should act according to this principle” – believes Fridon Injia.

The deputy believes that the government must develop a state emergency plan, which will become an action document for the government.

“I have voiced several times that it would be good if the government would develop an emergency plan in case of an emergency. Every minister should have his own direction, he should have control over his field so that it is clear and certain, in special cases, which minister is responsible for what. Everything is expected…

An emergency action plan of the government should be developed, which should be adjusted depending on the current situation” – said Fridon Injia.

According to the deputy, it is also necessary to create a state reserve.

“I consider it necessary to create a state reserve for medicines and products based on the cataclysms and geo-political location. Therefore, state reserves must exist. This will be the issue of gas supply, electric energy, ways of supplying bakery products and so on.

It is also very important to regulate the prices of consumer products. This issue is entrusted to the relevant authorities, whether it is the anti-monopoly service or the ministries of economy or agriculture, but I still believe that in relation to this issue, there should be a government decision in the form of a decree, or the government should introduce a draft law that will establish control over such products as There are bakery products, medicines.

It is also important to determine the issue of profitability in relation to the company’s profit margin. In this regard, the example of Israel is very interesting, where companies cannot have more than 15% in profit. This must be done and the government must control the prices.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, the prices of medicines increased again. Therefore, I believe that the state should create a pharmaceutical enterprise that produces medicines for primary and daily use, which will be sold without any markup. This will save this direction. Because today it is not possible to fully control it. No matter how strong the anti-monopoly service is, no matter how strong the state agencies are, it is still difficult to control this area, and this is evidenced by the fact that the prices of medicines increased two days ago.

The government should take the reins of management of these important areas. A law must be passed and rule of law must exist in the state. Here we are talking about saving people, based on the interests of the population and the country. Here we can talk about 10 names of products, which will be under control and no one will be able to raise prices arbitrarily. This will save our country and give an incentive to the entrepreneur,” Fridon Injia believes.

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