Fridon Injia welcomes the facts of the departure of individual MPs from the ranks of “Georgian Dream”.
As he said during a general visit to “Alt Info” TV

🔹 The chairman of the parliamentary political group Fridon Injia welcomes the fact that some MPs left the ranks of “Georgian Dream”.
As he said during a live visit to “Alt Info” TV channel, with this, these people stood up to external pressure, with this decision they lead the parliamentary team, spectrum, where there are different parties, to health.

🔹 “The fact that individual MPs have separated from the ranks of “Georgian Dream” and can speak loudly about certain topics is probably welcome and necessary for the society,” said Fridon Injia.

🔹In the opinion of the chairman of the political group, out of 12 recommendations of the European Commission, there are some important issues that need to be improved in order for Georgia to be a truly democratic state.

🔹 “However, even if there were no 12 recommendations of the European Commission, the improvement of certain issues was still on the agenda. For example, such as the election code and so on,” Fridon Injia noted.

🔹 According to the chairman of the political group, the draft law on deoligarchization is categorically unacceptable to him.

🔹 “I believe that no such law is acceptable if there will be rule of law in the country and the law will be the same for everyone. In such a case, there will be no need to adopt a similar law,” said Fridon Injia.

🔹 According to the opinion of the deputy, the radical opposition, together with certain circles of the European Union, prepared such a questionnaire, such a task, which is impossible to fulfill. For example, this is the point about depolarization.

🔹 When asked by the journalist, to what extent the geopolitical course of Georgia can be changed, Fridon Injia replied that it should be decided by the people when the elections come.

🔹”I believe that the current political situation should be used by the government for the good of our country, for which it should use all means, be it diplomatic or other.” – said Fridon Injia.

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