Fridon Injia’s speech at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia, where they listened to the Minister of Justice of Georgia Rati Bregadze in the “Minister’s Hour” format.

📍 Fridon Injia’s speech at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia, where they listened to the Minister of Justice of Georgia Rati Bregadze in the “Minister’s Hour” format.
🔸In his speech, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia focused on the draft law initiated by the political group, which will affect the changes in the “Law on Citizenship”.
🔸 The bill envisages obtaining Georgian citizenship in a simplified manner for those persons who, due to the military conflict or other severe situation in the country, had to leave the country by force, including 2009, and therefore, in many cases, taking into account the inevitable situation, they were forced to obtain the citizenship of another country.
🔸 According to the deputy, fortunately, there are parliamentary committees and qualified lawyers in the highest legislative body of the country, who are able to resolve this issue positively.
🔸 “I was interested in your vision regarding the “Citizenship Law”. The changes initiated by us refer to persons who were forced to leave Georgia from 1992 to 2009. I was not satisfied with your answer on this matter. I understand that today you are facing a difficult challenge and this challenge is very important in this matter. But, nevertheless, I think there are committees and quite qualified lawyers in the Parliament of Georgia, through which this issue will be resolved positively and justice will be restored. The children and grandchildren of those people who left their homeland due to the twists of fate should not be left behind because of insufficient knowledge of the Georgian language,” said Fridon Injia.
🔸 The chairman of the political group considers it expedient to introduce the articles in the Criminal Code that were hastily canceled in 2004-2005.
🔸 “I was interested in your vision, what do you think, whether these articles should be revised or not?” … there are qualified lawyers in the parliament and I think this issue will also be on the agenda. I also had in mind the law on defamation and insult. Insulting the state symbols, the first persons of the state is not allowed and it is important to take this into account. I was also interested in your opinion regarding the principle of collective punishment, which is quite widespread in many of our exemplary countries, and in this regard it is possible to introduce the principle of collective punishment at least partially,” said Fridon Injia.
🔸 The chairman of the political group proposed to the Minister of Justice to transfer certain departments of the Ministry of Justice to the regions in order to relieve the capital. According to the MP, the Ministry of Agriculture can also make a similar decision.
🔸 In his speech, the chairman of the political group focused on the introduction of smart robots, which, in his opinion, will greatly contribute to the development of the agency.
🔸 “In many cities of Georgia there is a House of Justice and to some extent it has become a brand with its beautiful buildings, and this is thanks to you and your predecessors and it is very pleasant”, said Fridon Injia.
🔸 According to the chairman of the political group, the most difficult thing to listen to was the verdict announced by the Minister of Justice from the rostrum of the Parliament, which was related to the very difficult reality of the period of Saakashvili’s rule.
🔸 “Therefore, it occurred to me that we should remind the society about us and we should not forget all this, otherwise years, tens of years pass and it seems like nothing… but this was a very significant part of our life and it cannot be forgotten, healing for a Georgian man “.
🔸 “Therefore, I consider it expedient and I have a proposal that, under your auspices, you create a teaching center for the education of the population, where there will be programs that will touch on decisions made at different times, even for the purpose of studying laws. It can be very interesting, which will be based on these facts. With this, the work of the Ministry will be more appreciated,” said Fridon Injia.
🔸 At the end of the speech, the chairman of the political group positively evaluated the minister’s activities in light of the challenges that the Ministry of Justice is facing recently.
🔸 “You are, the first person, the Minister of Justice and you can do many things. Maybe someone doesn’t like your decisions, but if you act in the interests of Georgia, it will be beneficial for the country,” said Fridon Injia.

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