Statement of the party “European Socialists”.
Today, there is a sea of lies against our country, statehood and sovereignty, and we, the parliamentary political group and the “European Socialists” political party, are working quite actively in various European structures, especially in the European Parliament, in order to neutralize as much as possible the slander and treasonous actions towards the country that It derives only from narrow political interests.
✅It should be noted that we have very business and partnership relations with our fellow MEPs who stand on the platform of social justice, country’s independence and identity. They are on the side of the Georgian people and the Georgian state in the fight for justice, a dignified future of the country and peaceful coexistence.
✅There is a memorandum of understanding of cooperation and political partnership between the political party “European Socialists” and the political group of the European Parliament, which is based on the main historical, cultural, ethnic and economic development principles of the Georgian state.

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