Meeting Of The European Socialists Of The Parliamentary Political Group With The Deputy Minister Of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze

📍 “The state should increase its share in the ownership and management of strategic facilities, so that the state budget is guaranteed to receive additional revenues.”

📍 “Enterprises that are unprofitable, for which there is no explanation and no objective reason, should become profitable and the principles of its management and responsibility by the state should be improved as much as possible.”

🔹 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia said this at a meeting of the political group with the Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgi Kakauridze in the Georgian Parliament, where Kakauridze “presented the annual report on the implementation of the 2021 state budget.

🔹 The Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Avtandil Enukidze brought concrete examples and arguments of the unprofitable objects in the state.

🔹 Davit Zilfimian, a member of the European Socialist political group and deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, also expressed his views at the meeting.

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