Military Service Should Be Mandatory For Everyone, Including The Clergy – Fridon injia

📍 Military service should be mandatory for everyone, including the clergy – Fridon injia

📍 Conscription for military service should be mandatory for everyone, including the clergy, which will be an additional great motivation for the military.

🔸 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia announced this at the meeting of the Committee on Legal Affairs, where the deputies discussed the amendment to the Defense Code. They discussed the project.

🔸 “Conscripting into military service should be mandatory for everyone, including the clergy… This will be a great motivation for the military. They should also read prayers and go through military training… girls should also serve if they want to, and you should have everything prepared for that,” Fridon Injia said.

🔸 He emphasized that it is necessary to have an ideology service in the military structure, which will be focused on the ideological upbringing and education of young people, and this direction should be developed together with the Ministry of Education.

🔸 “Officers should give lectures in educational institutions and schools. Without the joint work of the Ministries of Defense and Education, this will not happen. In this project, it does not appear at all. As if you are separate, and the state is separate. No, you are for the state, and you must raise the most ideologically dedicated citizens for Georgia,” the deputy noted.

🔸 At the same time, Fridon Injia advised the authors of the draft law to consider the example of Israel, instead of Finland and the Baltic countries.

🔸 “Why were you guided by the example of Finland and the Baltic countries? What do the Baltic countries have in common with the geopolitical situation of Georgia? Was the example of Israel discussed, which is in the same difficult environment as ours, and yet their military direction is at the highest level… I think that maybe they have nuclear weapons…”, Injia noted.

🔸 He also spoke about the need to establish privileges for those young people who complete their military service.

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