Statement of the Party of “European Socialists”

Statement of the Party of “European Socialists”. 📍

🔹 The Georgian parliamentary political party “European Socialists” supports the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China, which is confirmed by the United Nations Assembly Resolution N2758 of 1971.

🔹 In addition, on August 1, 1975, the most important declaration for the world was adopted in Helsinki, which defined the principle of inviolability of state borders, which was signed and joined by almost all states of the world.

🔹 Therefore, Georgia, which is committed to internationally recognized obligations and has joined more than one convention or treaty, supports the principle of one China and recognizes Taiwan as an indivisible part of China’s territory.

🔹 The parliamentary political party “European Socialists” categorically condemns any political provocation directed against the People’s Republic of China.

🔹 For Party members, it is unacceptable to violate the fundamental principles of the state sovereignty of the United China and promote separatist activities.

🔹 We believe that recent developments within the territorial and legal borders of the People’s Republic of China are an attempt to create another center of tension in the world through provocations and incitement policies.

Georgian people have historically been friendly and always supported the policies of the People’s Republic of China.

🔹 “It is known that the historical attitude of our people towards the Chinese people, based on the socialist ideology in the state, which is so well combined with the principles of private property, which ultimately became the main basis for the great economic progress that the Chinese state has achieved in recent times as an example.” – the statement said. .

🔹 Today, the People’s Republic of China is one of the most important strategic partners for Georgia, both in terms of political and economic cooperation.

🔹 “We are grateful to the political leadership of the People’s Republic of China for their constant and unwavering support for the recognition of Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” – said in the statement.

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