“Such total bullying, which is going on now, Georgia does not remember in the post-Soviet period…” – Chairman of the political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia spoke about the ongoing processes in the country in the format of the parliamentary debate

🔴 “Such total bullying, which is happening now, Georgia does not remember in the post-Soviet period…” – the chairman of the political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia spoke about the ongoing processes in the country in the format of the parliamentary debate.

🔷 “Georgia does not remember such total bullying in the post-Soviet period, bribery, blackmail, intimidation, brainwashing with advertisements.

  • For example, if we take even the Eurovision contest. Was there anything creative about this contest? Everything was aimed at propaganda and advertising.

🔷 What do sanctions mean? It’s the same pressure. Another country imposes some sanctions on another country. i.e. He does not like his politics, the steps taken by him, and should be intimidated by it.

🔷 Shouldn’t we adopt a law against those persons who go against the main principles of the sovereignty and independence of the country and with their statements or calls, promote, provoke and finance destabilization in Georgia, changing the legal government by violent means.

🔷 Unfortunately, the reactionary circles of the United States of America and the odious figures of the current administration, as well as their vassals, have planned and implemented revolutions in dozens of countries over the past 50 years, including several times in Georgia. What these revolutions have brought to which country can be clearly seen on the example of Ukraine.

🔷 It is necessary for the government to take effective steps to protect its sovereignty, identity, and protect the Georgian language. A number of ministries and state agencies transmit information in Latin letters, which violates the Constitution of Georgia and the legal rights of the population. In this case, the public defender, who is supposed to be the defender of people’s interests, is silent as if it does not concern him.

🔷 Also, the public defender must respond to the facts of the participation of preschool and elementary school children in protest and political processes, in order to protect children’s rights.

🔷 The ambassadors of the countries that are rudely interfering in the domestic affairs of Georgia should be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and they should be given a protest note, as is accepted in civilized states.

🔷 I want to draw attention to the problems of the education system.

🔷 First – in 2003, when Lomaia took the head of the education system, the goal was to bring the education system to the condition we have today, 20 years later.

🔷 It would be wrong if rectors were appointed by the Ministry of Education in all state institutions that are funded by the state, and the Ministry of Education should be held accountable. If universities are paid by the state, including salaries, then there must be propaganda, agitation and teaching at a level that suits the state.

🔷 Otherwise we will lose our identity, we will lose our history, customs and, therefore, our future.

🔷 Let’s give up excessive democracy. We want a democracy that will save our country – Georgia. If our friends want to be friends with Georgia, which has such a democracy, we will always be ready to be friends with them.

🔷 All this is about the education system”, said Fridon Injia.

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