The Chairman Of The European Socialists Of The Parliamentary Political Group, Fridon Injia, Was A Guest Of The TV Station Samizion TV.

The impact of the current events in Russia-Ukraine on the rest of the world and the danger of nuclear war;

First stage of the Third World War – existing threats;

Georgia’s role in parallel with global political events;

threats and war rhetoric in Georgia;

Fridon Injia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists”, spoke about these and other important political topics as a guest on “Season TV”.

The chairman of the political group Fridon Injia responds to the statements of the heads of state of European countries, whose rhetoric, according to the MP, gives the basis for the events taking place in Ukraine to spread around the world.

“I think that everything is going to the point where the processes taking place in Ukraine will spread to the whole world. The statements made by Blinken (Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State), the rhetoric and actions of Schulz (Martin Schulz – German Chancellor) and the parallel involvement of German battle tanks (Leopard 1, Leopard 2) in the current processes, which are added Aviation, which passes through the airspace, it can be said, is already on a large scale and creates a great danger for the world.”

“If, at the first stage, there were cannons, the range of which was about 70 kilometers, then it became 150 kilometers. Later, cannons became more powerful, and tanks were added. Now, aviation is being added and everything is going to strengthen combat operations. This is one step towards the use of strategic nuclear weapons. All this leads to the third world war, to which is added the situation and the position that Iran has in relation to Russia, and if Iran joins the processes with Russia, against the background of the existence of the collective West, it is already the third world war.

“It should be noted that the first stage of the Third World War is clearly formulated. It all started with the imbalance that originated in Europe in the 90s. I am referring to the situation when the Soviet Union’s troops were withdrawn from Europe and the military part of the United States of America left. It was this imbalance that led to today’s events.”

“It must be said that today there is a kind of war in Georgia as well. True, they don’t shoot. The pressure, the resistance, which is coming to Georgia from all sides today, practically means war. Imagine, here the army is standing somewhere 150 meters from the central road. If one bomb falls, Georgia will be divided into East and West at that moment. The West is already divided, there is Abkhazia, there is Adjara and Turkey. Eastern Georgia, Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti. It can be said that Georgia will be divided into four. An uncontrolled situation will be created. Therefore, I believe that we are already in a kind of war and we should be very careful. For Georgia, this is a kind of war, when we are in such trouble.”

“If a nuclear war starts, no one can survive there. Unfortunately, everything is going to escalate, the situation is getting deeper. If we follow today’s events in order, we will see that there are already open talks about the use of fighter jets, which need special airfields, which may not be on the territory of Ukraine. Here we are talking about modern aircraft, the infrastructure of which is practically non-existent in Ukraine today. Accordingly, fighter jets must take off from the European continent to perform combat missions. I mean from the NATO countries, which leads to the direct involvement of NATO countries in hostilities, which creates the greatest danger, and the processes so far are going that way.”

The chairman of the political group is sure that 70-80 percent of the population of the countries are not even aware of the positions expressed by the heads of state of the Western countries regarding the current events in Ukraine.

“We are talking about European states and the positions of heads of states. Take the Federal Republic of Germany as an example. Today, the population is not as involved in war as it was during World War II. If Hitler was fighting then, the whole of Germany was involved in this war, and on the side of the Soviet Union, the whole Soviet people were fighting. This is what makes today’s processes different from those processes. People don’t know what, for example, President Macron (Emmanuel Macron – President of France), what Schulz (Martin Schulz – Chancellor of Germany) is doing. Moreover, in the German government, one says one thing and another says another. That’s why I think that the heads of state are going to everything, and here is the only hope. In particular, when it becomes clear that the state is engaging in war, and the people openly see these dangers, then it is possible to stop this war. In other cases, it is enough to fire one nuclear weapon, and it will automatically be followed by another one. “Unfortunately, the population of Europe has not yet fully realized where its government is going.”

Fridon Injia believes that everything should be done to stop the war.

“All this is related to human life, so everything must be done to stop this war. I still hope that such threats will be avoided.”

The deputy drew attention to the policy of the United States of America over the last ten years towards countries like Georgia, against which the struggle to destroy the country’s identity and main values is openly going on.

“They have been fighting our customs and beliefs for tens of years. The ideology on which people stand. It is identity, national identity, history, respect for ancestors. Especially in the period of technological slavery, when there is no education, information is obtained through the Internet, which allows people to be controlled. It is possible to create such a micro-climate that a person will be born, whose genes will contain the qualities that are necessary for managing a person. The work goes directly to the fact that a person loses the characteristics of his identity. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, ideology no longer exists in post-Soviet countries, including Russia.”

“The only thing we have left is our Christian faith. In recent decades, the strengthening of the Christian faith has taken more place in our country. Of course, the Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II, made a great contribution to this. That’s why today a fierce battle is going on against our faith, but I hope that the Georgian man will wake up, no matter what happens, and he will still be saved. Our country will be saved by correct judgment of what cannot be done and what steps should be taken. We know the pressure on our government. This is the most difficult process and is practically equal to war.”

Fridon Injia reviewed the recent political events in Georgia, which, according to him, should be divided into two parts.
“The first part is the rhetoric of war and threats against Georgia, in order to open a second front in the country and involve Georgia in hostilities, war in Abkhazia, Kvemo Kartli… we endured it. The second part of these events is related to the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, which is part of the opening of the second front.”

As for Russia’s role in the current political events, Fridon Injia believes that “maybe Russia is playing, or they are playing, or there is a certain circle of people who want to start a war with Georgians”.

In relation to the issue of restoring air traffic between Russia and Georgia, the deputy noted that “Russia itself stopped flights and if it wants to restore, the key to this decision is in its hands.”

Here, the deputy emphasized the unilateral position of the US State Department regarding this issue.

“It is interesting why the US State Department does not make strong statements, or does not show pressure in relation to various countries, where direct flights are usually carried out. In particular, Moscow-Tel Aviv, Moscow-Baku, Moscow-Yerevan, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Ankara, Istanbul directions. Among them are some NATO member countries. There is only one reason for Georgia to engage in military actions and not to use the perspective that Georgia has. In particular, the role of the middle corridor. Also, the territory of our country, which is the most important for Asian countries. Among them, for China to have a way to Europe. In the current situation, they only have the Georgian corridor and they want to close it too. Who needs it?… There are circles both in Russia and in Europe that want it. Therefore, the situation is really difficult.”

“The fact that we don’t have air traffic between Russia and Georgia is part of the pressure that foresees the confrontation between the Georgian government and the Russian government. What Georgia has achieved in the last two years, I mean the double-digit economic growth, actions against it are in the interests of the people who do not want the future of Georgia. There is a multifaceted pressure on the Georgian government.”

The MP expresses hope that the government of Georgia will withstand this pressure and will go through the development of the state.

Fridon Injia drew attention to the spread information according to which President Saakashvili paid lobbying companies a considerable amount of money for the circulation of lies, which, according to the MP, is categorically unacceptable for a democratic state.

The chairman of the political group believes that the rule of law should occupy the most important place in the management of the country. The rule of law is a guarantee for the proper development of the state.

“The prosecutor’s office should take down the cases that have been on the shelf for years. Everything should be called by its name. I made a statement twice from the tribune of the Parliament, where I demanded the creation of an investigative commission regarding the events of 2008. Georgia needs this to determine the truth, so that mistakes are not made in the future.”

“The rule of law is necessary and important, and this requires political will on the part of the government.”

“The survival of the country depends on every citizen of Georgia. Each citizen must take responsibility for the country, and I am sure that the Georgian people do not want a war with any nation.”

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