The Chairman Of The Parliamentary Political Group Of The European Socialists Fridon Injia Asked The MEPs At The Meeting With The Opposition In The Legislative Body The Questions That The Voters And The Georgian Society Are Interested In Regarding The 12 Points Of The European Commission.

📍 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia asked the MEPs at the meeting with the opposition in the legislative body the questions that the voters and the Georgian society are interested in regarding the 12 points of the European Commission.

🔹 You are members of the European Parliament who have been delegated seats in the European Parliament from your countries. I am a member of the Parliament of Georgia directly elected by the citizens of Georgia.

🔹 Colleagues, I would like to ask you a few questions and please answer them:

➡️ The European Union has been in existence for decades, and during this time it has received various states as its members, starting in 1957. Today, the number of EU member states is 27.

During this time, the countries that have joined the European Union have not been subjected to difficult requirements and conditions for granting the candidate status. (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and others). There was no concept of candidate status. What led to the necessity of introducing this status for Georgia today and what does the candidate status give Georgia more than what is provided by the association agreement in a practical context?

➡️ One of the requirements of the 12 points of the European Union is the adoption of the law on deoligarchization. It is clear that we should pressurize to adopt the law on de-oligarchization, and then explain to me how Moldova got the candidate status when it did not adopt this law?

🔹 At the same time, Moldova, which received this status, we are not talking about Ukraine, it is at war, it is a so-called CIS member state of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the status of military neutrality is guaranteed by the constitution.

🔹 At this time, Georgia is ahead of Moldova in all parameters.

🔹 Georgia took part in all NATO military operations and sacrificed the lives of 32 Georgian brave men for the security of the Euro-Atlantic space and the well-being of your life, and we have hundreds of wounded and maimed fighters. Unlike some EU countries, which did not participate in such operations at all, not if they had to make casualties.

🔹 With this action, you have intensified the conflict in the country, that is, polarization in your language, which concept you have so invented, in order to hand over this government to destructive forces, which have neither the support nor the trust of the great majority of the Georgian people. However, even in these forces there are individuals who really love Georgia, our country.

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