“The European Socialists political party is the only parliamentary opposition party that supported the law on transparency of foreign influence”

📍 Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia held a press conference regarding the current political events in the country.

🔷 “The political party “European Socialists” is the only parliamentary opposition party that supported the law “On transparency of foreign influence”.

🔷 We believe that the law “On transparency of foreign influence” adopted by the Parliament of Georgia yesterday in the third reading is quite loyal compared to the laws that are in force in America and some European countries.

If you believe that the adopted law does not comply with European standards, then let’s add articles to the law, which will take into account criminal liability and prohibition of the activities of various organizations, as well as other important issues, as it is in America and some European countries.

🔷 In such a case, this law will be exactly one-to-one in relation to the standards demanded and appealed by the opponents who come to Georgia with “good wishes”.

Otherwise, the recent political events and the positions taken by the main partners are nothing more than acting with double standards, which I declare with full responsibility that the population of Georgia, which has its own past, history, traditions, values and values, which it understands very well, will not allow. , what it means to act with a double standard.

🔷If European partners want to be friends with us and want to welcome us into their big family, we are ready for that with our values and values.

I also want to respond to the speech of the chairmen of the foreign committees of the parliaments of the European Union member states who came to Georgia to support the radical opposition-led action against the legally elected government.

🔷 With their speeches, they supported and called on a certain part of the opposition in Georgia to overthrow the government. This was an unprecedented case, which I have not heard of in any other state.

🔷 In particular, the fact that deputies elected by another country came to another country and called for the overthrow of the government elected by the majority, this fact cannot fit into any standards.

🔷 I cannot call the visit of European politicians and their speech at yesterday’s rally politics. These are the people who are part of the destructive forces.

🔷 “I do not rule out that European politicians were brought by a certain part of the opposition and the statements they made at the rally were agreed upon, because their statements were anti-Georgian, anti-state without any evidence or argumentation.

🔷Therefore, I appeal to the representatives of the relevant bodies, the government, to implement and take appropriate measures.

🔷In particular, I believe that the sanctioning mechanism, which has become so fashionable in Georgia today, we should also use the sanctioning mechanism in relation to the citizens of other countries who stand on the street and call for the overthrow of the government that was elected by the majority of the population of Georgia.

🔷This appeal concerns both a certain part of the opposition, the government, and those “guests”, “friends” who come to Georgia. – said Fridon Injia.

🔷After the main statement made at the press conference, the deputy answered the questions of media representatives.

To the journalist’s question, whether it is expected to impose sanctions against certain politicians in Georgia due to the adoption of the “transparency of foreign influence” law, which was emphasized by the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Jim O’Brien, MP, who was visiting Georgia, answered that such an approach is Another proof of the double standards and gross interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, which the country’s international partners show towards Georgia.

The parliamentary majority adopted the law on “transparency of foreign influence”, aimed at strengthening the country’s sovereignty and independence.

🔷 I believe that no matter how small the village is, the state should have adopted a similar law. As you know, the United States of America is a great power with its capabilities, which has had the same law for more than 50 years, and America, despite its strength, believes that it needs the so-called Farah’s law to protect the interests and sovereignty of his country. Therefore, I believe that such a small country as Georgia needs the law “On Transparency” all the more. – said the deputy.

🔷Fridon Injia believes that the government of the country should respond to the decision to sanction certain politicians with the same decision and sanction the citizens, high-ranking officials and politicians of other countries who are hostile to the Georgian government.

🔷 Chairmanship of the political group.

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