The Events Of The August 2008 War Were A Rehearsal And Continue Today – Fridon injia

Loss or transfer of 20% territories of Georgia should not go unpunished

The events of the August 2008 war were a rehearsal and continue today – Fridon Injia

Chairman of the political group “European Socialists” of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia, at the plenary session of the Parliament in the format of political debate, once again emphasized the need to create a temporary investigative commission of the Parliament in connection with the war of August 2008.

“I want to return to the issue that we voiced regarding the creation of an investigative commission regarding the August 2008 war.

In the last two years, we raised this issue several times from the rostrum of the Parliament and through the media.

Society needs to establish the truth of what really happened and answer all the questions that society is interested in. We must give an answer to those 408 people who died in the war.
There are evaluations of various international organizations or commissions regarding the August 2008 war, including Talavini’s conclusion. Therefore, there are different views in this regard in the society. Therefore, in order to put an end to different visions and opinions and to let the public know what actually happened, it is necessary to create this commission.

It is important for the population to know why we lost 20% of the country’s territory, whether it was possible to avoid this biggest loss for the country, what did they advise and indicate to Saakashvili at that time, including our international partners?

Who and what role played in the conclusion of the tripartite ceasefire agreement, on whose orders and why did more than 1000 Georgian soldiers leave the Kodori valley without a fight, how much military equipment was written off after the war, and in general, was this equipment available and where was it located? ?

From the side of Georgia, apart from the authorized persons, who participated in making decisions, why did we leave Akhalgori, why did we leave the wounded and the dead on the battlefield? Who is responsible for this?

Loss of 20% territories of Georgia, if the transfer is not allowed, and this should not go unpunished”. – said Fridon Injia.

According to the statement of the chairman of the political group, was there a place for adjusting the bombing on strategic objects or highways vital for the country in favor of the opposing party?

“There is a fact according to which the communication cable of strategic importance for the country, which passed through Gori and connected Georgia with the outside world, was destroyed several times.

At the cost of impossible self-sacrifice and risk, with the help of specialists from Mtskheti and Khashuri, it was possible to pull this cable directly from the fire, and it was carried out on the electricity poles and the connection was restored.

Why did this happen in the place where the most important cable connecting to the outside world passed? Who was the coordinator of this? Who worked on these issues? …

There are many more issues that worry our society and are waiting to be answered.
The events of the August 2008 war were a rehearsal and continue today. If it were not for the current government, the situation in the entire territory of Georgia would be like it is now in many cities of Ukraine.

The people who started the war of August 2008 are coming out with rhetoric about the opening of the second front in Georgia, and this should be put to an end” – said Fridon Injia.

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