The Need To Create A Temporary Investigative Commission Regarding The August 2008 War Is Becoming More Urgent Recently, Due To The Political Events Around Georgia – Fridon Injia

The need to create a temporary investigative commission regarding the war of August 2008 is becoming more urgent recently, due to the political events around Georgia – Fridon Injia

The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia answered the questions of the media regarding the creation of the investigative commission.

“As soon as we entered the parliament, during these 2 years we had many conversations about the creation of a temporary investigative commission regarding the 2008 war, both from the parliamentary tribune and through the media.

From the high tribune of the Parliament, I stated several times that this commission is necessary, that there are many questions about what happened, why our state lost 20% of territories. Could this have been avoided? Why did it happen that up to a thousand Georgian fighters left the Kodori valley without a fight? By whose order did this happen? and many more…

Our future, our people, history need to establish the truth. It is needed by the warriors who died in this war. 408 people lost their family and homeland.

Based on the current situation, what is happening in the world, and what pressure our country is experiencing, which is related to the danger of opening a second front, these questions and the issue of creating a commission in general have become more urgent.

I believe and many people have this opinion that the war of August 2008 was a planned betrayal. There were traitors of the country involved in this war, spies who did all this… It was not a war of one or two days, it was well thought out, for which there were preliminary preparations.

Today, those very people, the traitors of Georgia, continue the same rhetoric, which is aimed at getting Georgia involved in the war again. Therefore, this issue has become more relevant today.

The second important topic is the resolution adopted by the European Parliament in relation to Georgia. Which makes the need to create an investigative commission even more urgent.

Unfortunately, the European Parliament, which at one time passed a resolution stating that Georgian soldiers started the war, and today’s European Parliament, which also passed a decision against Georgia just a few days ago, are no different from each other.

Why did we aspire to European values? … to think about what value the European Parliament should have after this decision … what hope and guarantee the people of Georgia should have that double or triple standards will not be applied to our country.

Therefore, I once again appeal to the majority and all those who are interested in the fate of the country to support the creation of this commission, because I am sure that the result of the work of the commission will be such that it will wake up and will not allow our government, present or future, to That similar mistakes will be allowed, so that Georgia will lose its territories again.

I would like to emphasize once again the need to create an investigative commission to put an end to all the questions surrounding this issue, because one says one thing and the other the other, more precisely, he speaks what suits him.

Of course, the “National Movement” signed the resolution against the country, and of course it will be against the creation of this commission, and the “National Movement” will again and again contribute to the decision made by the European Parliament before yesterday.

Therefore, the need to create this investigative commission is becoming more and more urgent today.”

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