The Parliamentary Commission Of Inquiry Is Not Created To Review The Decisions Of The Strasbourg And Hague Courts, It Must Determine Whether There Was Treason Or Not – Fridon Injia

📍 The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry is not established to review the decisions of the Strasbourg and Hague Courts; He must determine whether there was treason or not – Fridon Eng

📍 The temporary parliamentary investigative commission on the subject of the August 2008 war is not being created to review the decisions of the Strasbourg and Hague courts, which unequivocally state that the Georgian army is innocent.

📍 The program about this in “Post Analytics” is parliamentary Chairman of the political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia said.

🔶 The deputy noted that the commission should determine whether pre-agreed treacherous decisions on the part of the then government took place and whether this war could have been avoided.

🔶 “The investigation commission should answer the following questions:

❓ Could the war have been avoided?

❓ Why did Georgia lose 20% of territory and could these territories be saved?

❓ Could innocent people not have died, and 30,000 people would not have become new refugees in their country, and 150,000 residents would not have lost their homes.

❓ What decisions of the government preceded in 2008?

❓ The same pre-2007 sale of strategic facilities at a straw price, which does not mean at all that the buyer bought these facilities cheaply… What was the difference compared to the amount that went into the state treasury?

❓ Why was the article of treason to the motherland removed from the Criminal Code?

❓ The same Kodori valley will be renamed as Upper Abkhazia, thereby expanding the region of Abkhazia to a certain extent, as well as expanding the borders of the South Ossetian Autonomous District. All this was prepared in advance.

❓ Why did they surrender the Kodori valley without a fight?

❓ Why and how suddenly Akhalgori, which was under the control of the Georgian side, was under the control of the enemy and something else.

When all this is put together, it will become clear who was doing what and by whom. “I can list up to 10 people who made decisions regarding the 2008 war and who are still actively fighting to somehow open a second front in Georgia,” said Fridon Injia.

🔶 According to the deputy, the vision and reaction of the “National Movement” to the initiative he voiced on the creation of an investigative commission was not unexpected for him, because they themselves were the creators of this war.

🔶 At the same time, the deputy noted that the United States of America, if it wanted, had the necessary leverage to avoid this war for Georgia, as well as to avoid the current war for Ukraine.

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