The Resolution Adopted By The European Parliament Is An Anti-Georgian Decision And The Peak Of Injustice – Fridon Eng

🔻 The resolution adopted by the European Parliament is an anti-Georgian decision and the peak of injustice – Fridon Eng

👉 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia called the decision made by the European Parliament on February 15 in relation to Georgia the peak of injustice and an anti-Georgian decision, which, according to him, is directed against the main aspirations and ideals of Georgia, and at the same time, it is against Europe itself. Discrediting too.

🔶 “The majority of the population of Georgia adheres to the basic values of Western civilization. These are democracy, justice, new technologies, neighborliness and mutual cooperation. Therefore, Georgia has a great desire to establish European values in the country.

🔶It is a pity that in anticipation of this, the European parliamentarians adopt such a resolution in relation to Georgia, which is anti-Georgian, and this is not the first time. The first resolution, which was adopted in relation to Georgia about 10 months ago, some of those MPs are currently in prison and some of them are being investigated, they have had their parliamentary immunity removed. Therefore, no one knows how many more people there are among them who will have to leave the mandate.

🔶So, the decision made by the European Parliament is not only against the ideals of our country’s aspirations, but also a discredit to Europe itself, because not only the Georgian society is looking at this, but the society of other countries is also looking at it, and among them, Europe, and they see that this is the peak of injustice. “.

🔶It is known to everyone that the Saakashvili family signed a contract with an American lobbying company, and everything is open for which the Saakashvili family paid quite a substantial amount. But at the same time, there are also underwater currents that cannot be seen… That is, a certain group of the European Parliament fulfills the task, the request that the Saakashvili family requested from the lobbyists.

🔶In general, if we judge objectively, the European Union has much more headaches than Saakashvili’s problem.

🔶God forbid that the people of Georgia should be disappointed in the aspiration towards the European Union. That would be a big disappointment.

🔶Unfortunately, a kind of war has already started with us. It is not a war when there is an attack from all sides, whether you want to open a second front or not?

🔶May God help the government to withstand the difficulties it is facing today.

🔶Now regarding the recommendation received by the European Parliament regarding Bidzina Ivanishvili, I cannot imagine what the recommendation or instruction means, do it this way. Or should this resolution replace justice with us? Should we instruct the president to declare amnesty in this case? If amnesty is to be announced, will we only get it for one person? Because Georgia has nine or ten thousand convicts, and it should be for everyone if amnesty is needed. The rest is the court we trust. Everyone may not believe, but today there is no comparison between the court of 10 years ago and today.

🔶 Bidzina Ivanishvili has already done his job in 2012 and people stood by him.

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